The Flash season 3 is speeding very quickly to the finale, which unfortunately doesn't air until next month. But we already have a pretty good look at what we're going to be in for. Apparently, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) hasn't learned anything about time traveling, so he is heading to the future yet again in "The Once and Future Flash." The CW has released a trailer for the upcoming finale, which gives us a pretty good look at what appears to be an intense, bleak and action-packed conclusion to season 3.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead for The Flash season 3. The CW released the trailer for "The Once and Future Flash" following the most recent episode, "Abra Kadabra," which wound up serving as a good bit of setup for the finale. The villain tried to get Barry Allen and the gang to bargain with him by claiming to know the true identity of the evil speedster Savitar. As anyone might expect, bargaining with the bad guy didn't go well, but it did lead Barry to a not surprising conclusion; he needs to travel to the future to save Iris West.

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As far as the trailer goes, we get to see Barry in the year 2024 as he wanders through a very bleak looking future in order to try and figure out how to save Iris. He is still trying to figure out the true identity of Savitar and he also encounters a very long-haired, bummed out looking version of his future self. There are also some brief action shots and we see Barry getting beat down in an alleyway. This certainly doesn't look like it will be one of the most optimistic episodes of The Flash we have ever seen. It is also worth pointing out that Barry has a slightly different costume in this future timeline, though, it does still maintain the same red leather with yellow lightning look that we are accustomed to.

Time travel has been a familiar element of The Flash up to this point, so it shouldn't be all that shocking that "The Once and Future Flash" will take us to the year 2024. Oddly enough, it was recently said by the producers that The Flash Season 4 will be dealing less with time travel. So maybe they are throwing all of their time travel eggs in this last basket before sort of doing away with it in season 4. For what it's worth, it has also been said that The Flash season 4 won't have a speedster villain, so there is a good chance said villain could be revealed in this upcoming finale.

Are we going to finally found out who Savitar actually is? Will Barry be able to save Iris? There are a lot of questions that will hopefully be answered in this episode. Sadly,The CW's The Flash doesn't return until Tuesday, April 25, so fans will have to wait nearly a month to see this final season 3 episode. Be sure to check out the trailer for "The Once and Future Flash" for yourself below.