Next week's episode of Supernatural, "Bloodlines", airing on Tuesday, April 29, will introduce a number of new characters for The CW Network's potential spin-off Supernatural: Bloodlines. The network has released the first trailer and photos from this upcoming episode, which features Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester, along with Lucien Laviscount as a Chicago police academy trainee who crosses paths with the Winchesters as they both track a group of mafia-esque monster families. Nathaniel Buzolic also stars as a shapeshifter named David, Melissa Roxburgh as the werewolf Violent Durant, Danielle Savre as another shapeshifter, Margo Hayden, Sean Faris as werewolf Julian Durant and Stephen Martines as Chicago detective Freddie Costa. Take a look at the first footage and images, then read on for more details.

Bloodlines photo 1
Bloodlines photo 2
Bloodlines photo 3
Bloodlines photo 4
Bloodlines photo 5
Bloodlines photo 6

The spin-off hasn't officially been given a series order by The CW, but since the network already renewed the flagship series Supernatural in February, a series order seems likely. Andrew Dabb wrote the back-door pilot episode, which was directed by Robert Singer.