It's early, but Michael Wolff's novel Fire and Fury, which details President Trump and his first year in the White House, is probably going to wind up being the biggest book of 2018. And now the controversial novel is being turned into a TV series. Endeavour Content has reportedly purchased the film and TV rights to the novel and is planning to adapt as a TV series. No network is attached at the present time, but given the popularity of the book and the subject matter, it's only a matter of time before someone snatches up the project.

Details on the project, or how it will be approached, are scarce at the time. However, it's being reported that author Michael Wolff will be involved in the Fire and Fury TV series as an executive producer. The deal for the rights is also said to be in the "seven-figure range," meaning that this show is expected to be big. Michael Jackson, CEO of Two Cities Television and former BBC executive is also aboard the producing team for the show.


Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House became an instant sensation and has already sold more than 1 million copies. Interest in the book was initially quite low, but once excerpts from the book were published online, publisher Henry Holt and Company moved up the release of the book to January 5, due to popular demand. This, despite the fact that a lawyer for President Trump sent cease-and-desist letters to author Michael Wolff and the publisher in an attempt to prevent the book from being released. Fire and Fury is now the top-selling book worldwide with interested in the Trump White House as high as ever, with the rights to the book having been sold in 32 countries already.


Even though Fire and Fury is radically popular, it has been the subject of controversy since its release. Specifically, many have called into question the accuracy and legitimacy of Michael Wolff's reporting in the book, which paints an image of a very frantic and unorganized White House, centered on President Trump. That means the TV series, whatever form it takes and whatever network or platform it ultimately lands on, is sure to be met with just as much, if not more controversy than the book. Then again, controversy can be very good for ratings, which could add to the appeal when it comes to shopping this around to networks.


HBO was planning a series based on the 2016 presidential election, but the series was scrapped when co-author Mark Halperin was accused of sexual misconduct. That left the door open for Fire and Fury to make its way to the small screen. The Hollywood Reporter doesn't note any specific networks that may be interested, or if there are any top candidates, but all of the big players, like Amazon, Netflix, HBO and other major cable networks, are surely going to throw their hats in the ring.