The first half of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 wrapped up in a 2-hour event earlier this month and the second half of the season will officially return on September 10th, 2017. But today we have a sneak peek into what exactly is in store for us during the second half of the season with the brand new midseason trailer. The 2-episode punch of the finale saw a race war between the ranchers and Indians that didn't fully blossom, but a major character finally paid the ultimate price for a lifetime of misdeeds.

The race war did not escalate into a full battle, but there were certainly casualties. Madison's reveal shows just how far she is willing to go for a peace offering. And now all 4 founders of the Broke Jaw Ranch are officially dead. But it's definitely not all rainbows and sunshine as the new midseason trailer shows. There's still plenty of turmoil to be had and the second half of season three will certainly be a bloody one. The trailer, which comes courtesy of AMC YouTube, shows a reunion between Daniel and Victor and it appears as if Madison might be going up against Daniel's people from the dam. The third season is expected to conclude at the end of October, just in time for Halloween.

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The series, which delivered the highest-rated first season of any series in cable history among total viewers and all key demos in live+3 ratings, stars Kim Dickens as Madison, Frank Dillane as Nick, Alycia Debnam Carey as Alicia, Mercedes Masohn as Ofelia, and Colman Domingo as Strand. AMC aired webisodes Fear the Walking Dead: Passage, before season 3. During the first web series, Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, Michelle Ang's Alex transitioned into the Fear the Walking Dead cast for Season 2.

AMC recently announced that they had renewed Fear the Walking Dead for a fourth season right before season three started. Scott M. Gimple, executive producer of The Walking Dead will become an executive producer of Fear the Walking Dead in time for season four. AMC released a statement revealing how excited they were to launch a fourth season as well as be working with the "talented team of Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg, and Scott Gimple."

It has been rumored that Fear the Walking Dead may crossover with The Walking Dead as Fear the Walking Dead is starting to catch up to the latter's timeline. In fact, Madison could be related to Daryl Dixon as Kim Dickens recently said. Madison's maiden name has yet to be brought up and it would make sense for her to have been married to a man that went on to commit suicide. Get ready because September 10th isn't that far off. It might be time to go back and watch the first half of season three in preparation for the second half and while you're at it, make sure to check out the brand new midseason trailer below that was released today at Comic-Con during the Fear the Walking Dead panel.