During AMC's annual The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic Con last weekend, comic book creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman finally confirmed that there will in fact be a crossover between The Walking Dead and the companion series Fear the Walking Dead. The news came as quite a surprise since Robert Kirkman and others have long maintained that there will be no Walking Dead crossover, since Fear the Walking Dead is set several years before The Walking Dead and the characters are clear on the other side of the country. Robert Kirkman teased that there will be one Walking Dead character that will surface in The Walking Dead, and now there is speculation that character may be the late Abraham Ford, played by Michael Cudlitz.

Robert Kirkman would only say that there would be more news in a few months, and that this is a "huge event in The Walking Dead." While he wouldn't name the character, or state when this crossover would happen, Michael Cudlitz sent out a very cryptic tweet around the same time as Robert Kirkman's announcement, only stating that, "Crazy shit is about to go down. See y'all on the other side." While he makes no reference to The Walking Dead crossover, the timing and mysterious nature of his tweet has many fans speculating if the crossover character is Abraham. Some fans took to Twitter to address this theory, which does make a lot of sense.

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It has been established in both the comic books and the TV series that, before the zombie apocalypse, Abraham Ford had lived in Houston, Texas, with his wife Beth and their two young children. Abraham and his family, along with several other members of the community, survived by living in an abandoned grocery store. After returning from a supply run, he found his wife raped by one of the other survivors, which lead to Abraham killing the rapist and three other men with his bare hands, causing his family to flee from him in fear, with Abraham discovering the next day that they had been killed by walkers on the road. He was about to kill himself before he was alerted to a group of nearby walkers by Eugene Porter, who then told him about his mission to get to Washington D.C., which lead to the duo meeting Rosita (Christian Serratos) and later Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group in Georgia.

Some believe that the Fear the Walking Dead characters could eventually make their way to Houston, where they may happen to come across Abraham Ford. If this is the case, then perhaps this crossover could bring back Andrea Moore as Abraham's wife, Ellen Ford, who is only seen once in The Walking Dead, during a flashback in the Season 5 episode Self-Help. This Abraham Ford crossover would also make sense from a production perspective, since this character was killed off in the Season 7 premiere, and since he's not on the flagship series anymore, there won't be any production scheduling conflicts with this crossover. Some fans have suggested that it could be Rosita who is the crossover character, but that may be difficult since she's still on The Walking Dead.

Regardless of who the crossover character is, the news is still rather intriguing considering how both show's producers would continually deny any crossover happening, with Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson revealing in March 2016 that it won't happen because, "The chronology is so far apart, and there's a continent between them," referring to each show's location on opposite coasts. It was never stated what lead to this change of heart, but considering how beloved Michael Cudlitz's Abraham Ford was to Walking Dead fans, it's possible that could be what lead to the crossover. Take a look at the cryptic tweet from Michael Cudlitz Twitter, along with a few other tweets from fans about this crossover theory.