AMC has just officially announced that we will learn the identity of the crossover character for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead this coming Sunday on The Talking Dead. The crossover was first teased during New York Comic-Con in October by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, but nothing else has been officially talked about since then. The timing of the announcement comes at a time when the hit show is seeing its lowest ratings since Season 2 and the crossover is expected to boost ratings for both AMC shows.

AMC took to Twitter to announce that the crossover character will be officially announced on Talking Dead. The tweet reads, "This is it. The crossover character will be revealed this Sunday on The Talking Dead." Melissa McBride and Kevin Smith will be guests on The Talking Dead couch this Sunday along with a surprise cast member. The announcement comes after Walking Dead producers maintained that it would not make sense to have the two shows intersect. But times have changed and it seems that they have found a way to make the crossover happen and fans have been tearing the internet apart with speculation about how producers will make The Walking Dead timeline fit into Fear the Walking Dead.  

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As the Fear the Walking Dead characters are heading toward refuge in Houston, Texas, hardcore fans were quick to point out, that's also where Abraham Ford is from, leading many to speculate about the crossover including him. The Walking Dead then threw a major curveball to fans when Season 1 character Morales had a brief return this season.  Morales, unfortunately, was gunned down by Daryl but, it could be possible that fans may get to see what the Morales family was up to before heading to Atlanta. We'll just have to wait until Sunday to find out what exactly is going on.

For the crossover plan to actually work on a lasting level, the character doing the crossing should probably be someone that fans will be excited to see again. The Abraham theory is popular because Abraham was a character that people liked and would enjoy seeing on Fear the Walking Dead. The Alicia/Madison theory is also popular because those are characters from Fear the Walking Dead that fans are into and would like to see transplanted over to The Walking Dead.

Will the crossover be able to help out both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead? That's the question on a lot of hardcore fan's minds currently along with wondering if it will be some kind of small cameo as opposed to a large function to the story. At least the speculation will all come to an end this weekend when the crossover character is announced on The Talking Dead. While we wait to find out, you can check out the official announcement regarding the mystery crossover character below, courtesy of the official Walking Dead AMC Twitter account.