The Fear the Walking Dead penultimate season four episode got the gang back together, mostly. Al hasn't been seen since she fixed the generator in the hospital. Morgan (Lennie James) and the others devise a plan to get off the roof. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) have found Victor (Colman Domingo) and John (Garrett Dillahunt), but Martha (Tonya Pinkins) complicates the rescue. Jim (Aaron Stanford) whines to the very end, but goes out heroically.

I Lose People... begins with Morgan and his group still on the roof. Jim is bitter as hell about his fate. June (Jenna Elfman) tries to reach Al again on the radio. They're all stunned when Alicia replies. The news gets better when Alicia tells them she's found John and Victor. Morgan warns her not to reveal details, as Martha is listening on the radio.

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On the lake, Victor Strand has become an optimist. John's outlook has distinctively soured. Victor tells him to cheer up. Alicia will figure something out. They will get off the island. He points to the fact that Alicia and Charlie are now allies. In the MRAV, a wounded Martha looks at a map of the river and flood plains. She overheard Alicia on the radio.

On the hospital roof, Jim is pissing off a ledge. He has no interest in talking to Morgan, or trying to rescue Al. Sarah (Mo Collins) approaches him with a proposition. Jim's fate is sealed, but his beer can live on. She wants to know his secret recipe. Jim rudely curses her off as he did Morgan.

Alicia and Charlie search for a way to cross the river. They find a canoe on top of a car, but are then assailed by gunfire. Martha is shooting at them. She won't let them become "weak". The bullets stop, Martha has collapsed from her wounded shoulder.

Morgan's group takes the elevator downstairs. They cautiously file into the hallway, but all the walkers have vanished. They discover a collapsed ceiling has blocked them. They make their way to the generators, but there's no sign of Al. Sarah finds a note. Al escaped through the freight elevator. She wants them to find the MRAV, save her videotapes, and deliver justice to Martha. Morgan notices the fuel for the generators is low.

John and Victor hear a noise approaching the river. The MRAV bursts through the water and drives to the island. Victor is overjoyed to see Alicia at the wheel. Charlie gives John his black stetson. They open the back to find Martha passed out and tied up inside, her wound freshly bandaged.

At the generator, Morgan tells the others to make their way to the front. He'll go back to the roof and create a distraction to draw the walkers. June is against it, but Morgan is firm in his plan. Martha wakes up in the MRAV. Victor and John have been apprised of her actions. She snarls at them, continuing her refrain against the weak. She warns that she'll have her revenge on Morgan.

Morgan returns to the roof with a body. Jim refuses to help once more. Morgan throws the body off the roof. It smashes into a car, which sets off a blaring car alarm. Downstairs at the gate, the walkers go towards the noise. June and the others run to a parked ambulance. She doesn't want to to leave him, but Morgan commands her to go. He has "things to make up for".

On the roof, Morgan rejoins Jim, who continues to be a sourpuss. June radios Morgan. She found Alicia's group, they have a plan to rescue him. The MRAV pulls a firetruck below the hospital. Luciana (Danay Garcia) and Alicia take up point to deflect the walkers. Inside the firetruck, Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) and Charlie are safe. The others are on top, they raise the ladder as far as it can go. It's still two stories from the roof.

Jim watches as Morgan pulls cable from the ledge. He throws his staff to the next balcony, then lowers himself down. He's immediately set upon by a walker. John shoots it in the head with his crackerjack aim. Morgan jumps to the ladder. They bring him down, but the vehicles are now surrounded by walkers.

The entire group is trapped in and on top of the firetruck by a small herd of walkers. Jim quits his bitching and goes into hero mode. He radios Sarah his beer recipe. He asks her to bring the radio to her ear, then whispers the final secret ingredient. Jim goes to the ledge, then jumps. He smashes into a car, conveniently setting off another alarm.

Morgan and the others race to the MRAV when the walkers follow the noise. They open the back to find Martha has escaped. As they leave the city, Luciana wonders what they should call Jim's beer. Sarah responds, "Jimbo's Beerbos". June asks Morgan what they should do next. He says they will travel to Virginia as a group, but find Al first. That night, on the wrecked car, a bloody Martha writes Jim's recipe on his face. She watches as he comes back, then stakes him with her pole. He's become strong.

"I Lose People" struck me as an incredibly lazy episode. It's inconceivable that the group would leave Martha alive, then bring her with them to the rescue. Also, the hallways to the hospital are now magically cleared because of a cave-in? Then you have Morgan tossing the walker off the roof like a champion shot putter. How about that stroke of luck that both cars had car alarms? It's utterly ridiculous. Next week's finale on AMC brings Al back into the fold, and of course, Martha strikes again.

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