After what seems like a very long wait for more episodes, Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 is now just around the corner. And recently we got our first look at some of the things to come when it debuts on October 17 2021. In the first of two new clips, we see June and John Sr. stuck in what appears to a serial killer's hide out. In the three minute clip, we see them exploring the "den" and discovering chains, handcuffs, blood stained walls and more gruesome tools of the trade. We don't learn much else, but we do know that these two did survive the blade from Season 6, although who knows how long they will make it through this new nightmare.

Now if you haven't caught up to the end of season 6 yet, turn back now because we have some spoilers ahead for FearTWD Season 7. Ok you ready, last chance? Here we go....After the nukes went off we saw most of the characters spread out once again, either in ashes or hiding far enough away from the blast to actually survive. Clearly J.D. and June are going to be a main part of the next season. The question is will they both make it out of this jail cell? Or is this someone that we actually know who is keeping them in there?

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With The Walking Dead coming to end starting in August we have a few other spin-offs to fill our zombie fix. The new Carol & Daryl show is coming, as well as the second season of the limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond. And of course the long awaited movie with Rick that is still waiting on the wings. These shows do have a connection and have crossed over with characters like Morgan, Dwight and Sherry. As well as mentions of other groups and of course the CRM which we first saw in season 5. With that many of the storylines or characters could jump from show to show and really change things up.

One thing for sure is that a set up for a new big bad could be coming in the form of a familiar face and goes by the name..Strand. Strand is no stranger to playing every angle and doing what he has to do to survive,even if it means killing people he "loves." At the end of season 6 we know he managed to find his way to safety and survive the nukes blast. We see him talking to a man named Howard who is a former historian. He talks about what happened on the submarine however once again he is not being honest about what he did. Instead he tells Howard he's Morgan Jones and makes himself out to be a a true leader rather than a snake.

When the nukes goes off he starts to laugh and you can almost see him turn true evil in the speech he gives. So we could see a new angle with Strand taking on the role of the bad guy. Whatever happens we know that currently this show is not set to end anytime soon. And we know that a lot of the main characters are alive even if they are currently in a killers workshop. Check out the latest clip and see what you think.