Fear the Walking Dead season 6 probably won't be picking up filming again any time soon. While AMC has yet to specifically weigh in on the matter, some recent comments made by cast member Lennie James, who plays Morgan on the series, cast doubt on the possibility of them returning in the near future. Be that as it may, the network is proceeding as though they will indeed be back.

Much like virtually every other show currently in the works, the Walking Dead spin-off had to hit the pause button on filming in mid-March. In a recent interview, Lennie James was asked about when Fear the Walking Dead season 6 will be able to pick back up and get moving again. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"We have no official restart time. But everything is still moving as if we will be back. AMC, who is the network in charge of the show, are in consultation with experts to find the safest and best way, and the most functional way, of not just restarting, but restarting safely, and finding a way to remain safe."

Several shows and movies are finding a path forward, with New Zealand and the Czech Republic allowing productions to resume recently. But many networks and studios are still having to sort out liability issues. They are also still sorting out how best to ensure the safety of cast and crew members once filming does pick up again. As Lennie James explains, this isn't a show that allows for a lot of social distancing.

"The specifics of our show mean that we have a slightly different dynamic about how we could possibly incorporate, you know, social distancing. It's really not possible, certainly as far as in front of camera is concerned. I don't think we could realistically go back to work until we have a reliable, quick test that gives a result as quickly as possible, but also one that's cheap enough that we could repeat it every day or every two days, depending on what the best health advice is."

It's expected that near-constant testing will be a big part of not just this show, but most productions moving forward. It is also expected that catering will be altered to help mitigate risk, among many other changes. One big concern is that all of these changes will make filming quite a bit more expensive, possibly adding millions to budgets. That is something AMC and other networks need to sort out before starting up again.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6 has some episodes completed. A trailer was released in April that promised a summer premier. It's expected that the show will return in August, but it's not yet been revealed how many episodes will air before the completed batch is exhausted. We'll be sure to keep you posted as further details are made available. This news comes to us via Digital Spy.