Fear the Walking Dead may have foreshadowed a major character's death. "Still Standing" has Morgan (Lennie James) trying to reach Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) at the balloon. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) searches for the children. Dwight (Austin Amelio) feels he's close to finding Sherry, but John (Garret Dillahunt) hasn't shown him the letter. Al (Maggie Grace) discovers another problem with the plane. The nuclear meltdown is imminent as Grace (Karen David) fails to fix the cooling system.

"Still Standing" opens with Alicia facing dozens of walkers strung together by their guts. Unable to reach the children by radio, she cuts the entrails and proceeds. At the balloon, Charlie distracts the radioactive walkers so Strand can get the propeller. Morgan radios to remind them not to kill the walkers and risk being exposed. Alicia plows through the dead with her signature weapon. Grace plugs in the generator at the plant.


Back at the balloon, Strand radios Morgan that they need a vehicle to move the propeller. June (Jenna Elfman) offers to meet them, but Morgan tells her to finish fixing the plane. He radios Grace with their dilemma. She can't leave the generator, but points him in the direction of the plant workers houses. Alicia sees a walker with a melted face, then hears Dylan (Cooper Dodson) behind her.

Strand drags the propeller into an enclosure he's created with the balloon. Charlie pulls a rope and the balloon becomes taut, blocking out the walkers. Dylan takes Alicia to the children's tree house. Annie (Bailey Gavulic) is furious to see her. She confiscates Alicia's weapon. Alicia warns her about the radiation, but Annie refuses to leave. Annie says "this is about you, it's something else." Alicia confesses that she needs "to do something good." She admits to hurting and killing people. Annie still refuses. Alicia won't be allowed to leave until she helps them "clear the bodies that were protecting us."


At the truck stop, Al discovers that the fuel has leaked from the plane. She knows "where to get some." Morgan finds a car with a radiation suit in the back. He breaks into a nearby house. He radios Alicia the situation. Morgan sees a picture and realizes it is Karen's house. Alicia wants to give up. She can't get through to the kids. Morgan finds a set of car keys. He gives Alicia a boost of confidence with a pep talk.

Al and June are at the cliff face. Al lies and says it's where the helicopter landed, "It must have gone up there to refuel." John radios June, she updates him about the reactor then loses contact. He and Dwight "are still a way's out." John tells Dwight they need to head back. Dwight wants to keep searching. John doesn't show him the letter.


At the balloon, the walkers claw at the material barrier. Strand admits to Charlie that when he cleared the path for the plane, he could have made it inside. He didn't believe, but now they've done something "extraordinary." The walkers are killed behind the balloon canopy. They look outside to see Morgan in the radiation suit. In the woods, Annie and Max (Ethan Suess) try to reconnect the walkers but they break free.

At the tree house, Alicia looks through a box that belongs to Dylan. She sees drawings he made of the walkers strung together by their guts. This was how the children got the idea. Dylan walks in on her. He admits the drawings came from nightmares when "it first started." The children thought stringing them with entrails would keep people away. Annie and Max race back behind their wooden fence, but the herd of walkers are closing.


At the nuclear plant, the generator overheats and fails. Morgan radios Grace from the balloon. While Charlie and Strand put the propeller on a truck, Grace informs him they have "12 hours, maybe a day" before the meltdown. Grace has to try and fix it. She promises to meet them at the truck stop when she's done. Morgan gives Strand a map and directions to the truck stop. He's going to get Grace, "She was just saying that." He reminds Strand they need to shower and change their clothes.

At the cliff, Al and June load the fuel on their truck. June can't reach John on the radio. She won't lose him again. Al opens up to June about meeting someone special. She makes June promise not to tell the others. June advises her to be "grateful for what they had." She believes that Al will "see her again."


At the tree house, Alicia discovers that all the children's guns are empty. Max begs his sister to give Alicia her weapon back. Alicia leaves her gun with Annie, then proceeds on the walkway to hold off the walkers. She goes into ass-kicking mode while the children try to escape. On the road, John and Dwight run out of fuel, but see another truck on the highway. When John can't hotwire it, he's forced to admit the truth. They've run out of time. He gives Dwight the letter.

Grace is struggling with the generator when Morgan walks up. She's stunned to see him, but Morgan refuses to leave her for dead. At the tree house, Alicia slaughters the walkers while the children climb down. Her face gets splattered with the deadly radioactive blood. She looks at the dosimeter. Several walkers get past her and fall below, but Annie kills them with the gun. The blood-soaked Alicia orders Annie to leave with the children, "Get them on the plane." Annie responds that Alicia's made up for whatever she did, "You can let go too." The children escape as Alicia draws the walkers away.


Strand and Charlie arrive at the truck stop that night. At her truck, Morgan and Grace are back in their clothes. Morgan opens up about Eastman, the man that saved him. Grace replies, "You think everyone else's life is more valuable than yours." The children drive into the truck stop. Dylan sees Charlie and recognizes "The Little Prince" was her book. Annie tells Strand that Alicia is still out there.

Alicia leads the walkers through the woods. On the road, Dwight looks at Sherry's rings. He's not upset with John. Dwight is not going to give up, but he will help get John back to June. Alicia washes her bloody face off in a creek. Morgan calls her on the radio. He's driving with Grace. The kids made it to the truck stop. Morgan tells her we're "still standing." They've helped people, but "they're also going to help themselves." He asks her to tell him where she is. Suddenly, an air horn starts to wail in the distance. The last shot is of the nuclear plant, and walkers gathering below the warning siren. The reactor meltdown has begun.


Does the radioactive blood mean the end for Alicia? Her family, Fear the Walking Dead's initial primary characters, have all been killed. It's entirely possible this storyline is her swan song, or just a red herring to throw fans off. I've honestly gotten tired of the ridiculous psychobabble between Alicia and Morgan. But she's still the show's best female character. Losing her cuts the heart out of the show. Fans who've been on the fence might turn away. Fear the Walking Dead has not done a good job endearing the new characters. Next week's midseason finale unleashes nuclear catastrophe. Tune in to see who survives on AMC.

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