Fear the Walking Dead builds up steam to the midseason finale with an impending nuclear disaster and reunion of sorts. "The Little Prince" has Morgan (Lennie James) and the truck stop cast trying to rebuild the plane. Strand (Colman Domingo) begins to lose faith they'll rescue their friends. Annie (Bailey Gavulic) makes a decision for all of the children. Grace (Karen David) has an urgent request.

"The Little Prince" opens with Annie getting cleaned up at the truck stop. The other children settle in and watch a cartoon. Max (Ethan Suess) makes fun of his sister's new hygiene. Morgan radios Annie to open the gate. He and the others drive in with the plane pieces on trucks. Morgan rallies everyone with a "we can do it" speech. Luciana (Danay Garcia) asks the children for their help, "We'll fly back across the mountains together."

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The next morning, the plane's wing has been reattached. Morgan radios for Grace, but she ignores his call. Grace leaves her truck in a radiation suit and crosses one of the roadblocks. Morgan practices with a metal pole, but doesn't like the feel. He goes into the janitor's closet and checks out a mop handle. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) laughs at him, then asks for his help with the landing gear.

Everyone is working on rebuilding the plane. Dylan (Cooper Dodson), still clutching "The Little Prince", tells Luciana that "it will work." She radios for assistance with the reduction gear box. Back at the warehouse, Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) relays the message to Sarah (Mo Collins); who's reviewing their plane for guidance. Oil drips on her face. She asks for a beer.

Annie yells at Dylan for being on the radio with Luciana. They're only helping them leave, "So we can go back to how things were." June (Jenna Elfman) asks to check Annie's ankle. She knows the girl wants to run. June recommends she stay off her feet. John (Garret Dillahunt) kisses June goodbye for now. He and Dwight (Austin Amelio) are continuing the search for Sherry.

Outside in the yard, Al (Maggie Grace) turns on an engine. Everyone smiles as the propeller spins, but then duck for cover as the blade flies off. Al wonders where they're going to get a new propeller. Alicia is about to kill a walker with it, but Morgan does the deed with his new staff. Grace contacts him on the radio. She needs their generator immediately. The nuclear plant is in danger of another meltdown.

On the road, Dwight and John siphon gas for their car. Dwight is frustrated at dead ends. John tells him that once he met up with the group, everything started clicking, "extra sets of eyes." John wonders how Dwight and Sherry were split up. He asks how Dwight got her rings. He shows Dwight the scrabble letters June used to spell "love".

Back at the truck stop, Grace radios to Alicia and Morgan that the generator operating the cooling system failed. The plant will continue to generate heat until it melts down. It will only buy some time. Grace says, "You need to fix that plane...fast." Luciana radios to Strand that they have to give up their generator. He responds that they'll find a way to get them, but she doesn't hear. Morgan cuts the power and the truck stop goes dark.

At the warehouse, Strand, Sarah, and Charlie look at a map of airfields. Nothing is viable. Strand begins to despair and lose hope. Sarah chastises him for his negativity. Victor calls the situation "hopeless", then brings up Jim. Sarah rebukes him further for giving up. Charlie stares at a magazine cover of Auggie's Ales and gets an idea. Did they take all of Jim's brewing supplies? She shows it to Sarah, who sees the picture and lights up, "We're going to get them back!" The cover photo is Jim at a fair, with a giant Auggie's Ales balloon in the background.

Morgan and Grace arrive at the roadblock with the generator. Back at the yard, Al is frustrated fixing the cockpit wiring. She wonders if letting the helicopter go was a mistake. June asks her if anything happened while she was taken. Al doesn't respond. In the back of the plane, Annie confronts Alicia if Grace was from the power plant. She tells her brothers it's time to leave. Dylan and Max want to stay, but Annie refuses. She decides for her family.

In a roadside cafe, Dwight and John look over a man's body. There had been a fight. Dwight explains why Sherry doesn't have her rings. She gave up everything to save Dwight. He owes her his life. He needs some of John's luck. John sees a food ticket hanging up. He shades it with a pencil and uncovers a note from Sherry. Dwight was "looking on the wrong road this whole time."

At the truck stop, Annie is packing up food. Alicia asks why is she leaving? She gives Annie the key to a car, if Annie tells her why they won't stay. Annie, her parents, and a dozen other families found the camp. When walkers attacked, her parents ordered them to a hiding spot in the woods. The children hid for days, but no one came for them. Annie returned to find that their parents had killed the radioactive walkers, then got radiation sickness. Her parents locked themselves in the cabin and refused to let her touch them. They made her promise to stay at the camp to protect the children. Alicia warns her "to make sure she's doing what her parents really wanted."

Dwight and John find the car that Sherry was driving. John checks the car, while Dwight searches a house. John finds a letter in the glove compartment from Sherry. She asks Dwight to stop looking for her. She doesn't want Dwight "to kill himself trying to find her." Sherry acknowledges this is the end for them, but hopes he finds something to live for.

At the roadblock, Grace gets into her radiation suit. She tells Morgan there's another suit in the truck bed. He finds nothing but his old staff, wrapped up. Morgan explains to her, it's just a piece of wood wrapped in plastic. Grace replies that she's not stuck. It's over for her. She has to do this. There is no other suit. Grace thanks Morgan for being "a kind and thoughtful man." She drives away with the generator to the plant.

Luciana and Alicia are downtrodden by the plane. Suddenly Strand speaks up from the radio, "See you soon. We have the propeller. Look up to the south!" They look to see Strand and Charlie in an Auggie's Ales hot air balloon. They have the propeller tied to the side of the basket. Strand asks for a clear place to land. He sees the nuclear plant in the distance. Al and June run outside overjoyed at the sign of rescue.

Morgan sees the balloon at the roadblock. Alicia goes back inside the truck stop to get the children, but they've already left. She radios to Morgan. He tells her that she needs to find them. Grace can only give them a short time to escape. At Sherry's car, Dwight comes back from the house. There was food and supplies. He feels Sherry is close. She would have left a letter if not. He asks if John "found anything in the car." John lies and doesn't disclose Sherry's letter. Dwight thanks John for all of his help.

In the balloon, Strand and Charlie have run out fuel. They're forced to land in a field. Morgan warns that the area is contaminated. They lose radio contact. Alicia drives to a roadblock of walkers tied together with their guts. She radios Morgan that she's going in. Morgan replies, "Me too." He walks through the radioactive roadblock, then calls Strand and Charlie, "Stay where you are. Whatever you do, don't kill the walkers." The balloon crashes down. Walkers wearing dosimeters surround Strand and Charlie.

The idea they could salvage the entire plane is laughable. As is Strand and Charlie coming to the rescue with a propeller in a giant, bottle-shaped hot air balloon. Willing suspension of disbelief is especially needed in the zombie apocalypse. The nuclear plant meltdown is imminent. Alicia is en route to the children, while Morgan searches for Strand and Charlie. Will Sherry be found in time? Will they actually be able to repair the plane? It's been a while since a character has died. I have a feeling we're building up to a tragedy. Fear the Walking Dead continues next week on AMC.

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