Fear the Walking Dead finally hits a season five stride with another character crossover. Dwight (Austin Amelio) makes his long awaited appearance in "Humbug's Gulch". Colman Domingo's second foray as director interspersed the usual sappy dialogue with a hail of bullets and a genuinely surprising twist. John (Garret Dillahunt) and June (Jenna Elfman) shoot up an old west theme town. Morgan (Lennie James), Luciana (Danay Garcia), and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) make another discovery about the gruesome roadblocks.

"Humbug's Gulch" opens with the group clearing the walker and entrails strewn roadblocks at separate locations. Luciana marks off their locations on her map. They are clearly in a circular perimeter. Morgan has fashioned a new staff. John and June drive to another walker roadblock, but come under fire. They plow through the dead in their minivan. They've run out of bullets, but John sees a sign that will change their luck. They go to Humbug's Gulch, an old west theme town; similar to the attraction that John used to moonlight.

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A dust storm begins to howl. John leads June to the saloon. Upstairs, they find a cabinet loaded with pistols, rifles, and ammo. On the road, Luciana is in pain but doesn't regret getting on the plane. They're here to help people. Alicia hears Annie, Dylan, and Max hiding from someone over the radio. Annie radios back to leave them alone. Alicia decides they need to find them urgently.

Back at the saloon, John and June have collected everything they could find. They decide to brave the storm and head back to the minivan. They come under fire in the street and are separated. The minivan's tires are blown out. John returns fire and shoots their assailant. He chases after the mysterious figure, but is surprised at gunpoint. Dwight screams at him, "Where is she?" June sneaks up behind and knocks him out.

Back in the saloon, Dwight is tied up and unconscious. While June cleans the bullet wound on his arm, John looks through the collection of messages left by Sherry. They comment on his burnt face. On the road, Luciana and Alicia radio to Morgan that they lost contact with John and June. They're trying to find the children, but Morgan tells them to wait for him. Their tires are punctured by a board filled with nails. Alicia radios again for the children with no response. They decide to continue on foot.

John and June barricade the doors to the saloon. John unties Dwight and gives him back his gun. He tells him about his search for June. They will help him find who he's looking for. Dwight introduces himself. He's been searching for his wife, Sherry. He's been following clues she left on the road. It's been almost a year.

John turns on the piano to draw the walkers into the saloon. They escape on the roof, but it can't hold their weight. Dwight sees their minivan and jumps unto the street. John follows suit and the walkers turn towards them. John uses his incredible gunplay skills to mow down the walkers. Dwight has a car at the end of the street, but he runs instead to the minivan. John meets June at Dwight's car. In the minivan, Dwight searches frantically for any clues left by Sherry. Walkers surround the minivan.

John radios Dwight. The last message he got from Sherry was written on the registration of the minivan. He'd been searching for the car. There's no message. Just when Dwight is about to give up, June grabs the radio and talks sense into him. Sherry may still be out there. John found her. They will help him find Sherry.

Morgan drives up to Alicia and Luciana on the road. He asks Alicia to talk to the children. Alicia radios that she lost her mother and brother. Still no response. At Humbug's Gulch, John loads up with weaponry. He starts blasting away at the walkers surrounding Dwight in the minivan. June has his back with a rifle. It jams, but she cracks skulls with the handle. Dwight makes a run for it, but is pinned by a dead walker. John orders him to hold his axe high. John fires into the blade, splitting the bullet, killing the two walkers approaching Dwight. June is absolutely stupefied by his "San Antonio Split".

That night, Dwight carves a message to Sherry in the town. John tells Dwight the registration she wrote on was not the car she drove. Sherry's still out there. John admits to June his stage name in the show was "Six Gun Sam". She kisses her bad-assed trick shooter passionately. Morgan, Luciana, and Alicia drive into town. Morgan is shocked to see Dwight. The group is stunned that they know each other. As Dwight apologizes for his past, Morgan sees no need. He "knows how it ended" for Dwight.

Dwight leads the group to another massive walker roadblock. But before they go through it, the radio crackles to life. Max tells her the children will meet them back at the truck stop. On their way, they see the children's van in the road; covered with entrails. Dylan is bloodied and whimpering inside. The scene cuts to Max and Annie wearing helmets and protective chest gear. They are pulling out walker entrails and setting up a roadblock with the dead. Max wonders if they bought it. Annie replies Dylan won't crack. He'll find out why they're here, who took their friend, and then they'll make the strangers leave them alone.

Dwight joining Fear the Walking Dead is a gimmick. It's preposterous his search for Sherry has led him to Morgan. But he does have an established character and storyline. I'd bet that Sherry and Al are probably in the same place. The children setting up the roadblocks was an interesting reveal. Are they responsible for all of them? If so, what are they hiding inside the perimeter? They aren't affiliated with whoever took Al. The suspense factor is finally building. At the very least, "Humbug's Gulch" had awesome gunplay and was entertaining. Fear the Walking Dead continues next week on AMC.

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