The Walking Dead's Austin Amelio will be back as Dwight for another Fear the Walking Dead crossover. The character was last seen on the final episode of Season 8 after Daryl Dixon told him to leave Alexandria, and fans of the original show have been wondering what happened to him since he followed Daryl's orders. This isn't the first time that the two shows have dipped their toes into the crossover territory. Lennie James' Morgan Jones character joined Fear the Walking Dead for Season 4.

Austin Amelio's Dwight character is one of the better choices for a character from The Walking Dead to crossover to Fear the Walking Dead after the time jump of the original show. There is now more than a 7-year difference between the two shows after the Season 9 time jump, which means that adding any other characters from the current season would get pretty confusing rather quickly. With that being said, it's not clear how he will meet up with the current cast of Fear the Walking Dead.

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At San Diego Comic-Con 2018, the franchise's chief content officer Scott Gimple would not rule out the possibility of potential crossovers due to The Walking Dead Season 9 time jump. Gimple would not go into specifics, but he assured that the door was always open for more actors to join Fear the Walking Dead in the future, so we could end up seeing more characters after Austin Amelio's Dwight and Lennie James' Morgan Jones. Jones ended up having quite a big chunk of screen time in Season 4, so fans are hoping that Dwight will have the same treatment for the upcoming Season 5.

Fear the Walking Dead has been moving further away from its original cast, which means that there could be some pretty big surprises in Season 5 with the addition of Austin Amelio as Dwight. Again, it's not clear how he will meet up with the current cast of the show, or how large of a part he'll have when the show premieres later this year. However, we should get some updates in the near future. It's quite an interesting time to be a fan of The Walking Dead franchise with so much change happening in the last two seasons of both shows.

For fans who can't wait to see Austin Amelio's Dwight back on Fear the Walking Dead, you're still going to have to wait. But, The Walking Dead will return for the second half of Season 9 on February 10th, which is just right around the corner. The second half of the season is getting ready to introduce the Whisperers and it looks like everything is going to get really creepy, really quickly from the promotional material that has been released so far. The Austin Amelio and Dwight news comes to us courtesy of Comic Book.