The first footage from the second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 4 is here to bring the zombie goods. AMC is due to showcase the upcoming batch of episodes during its panel at San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow, along with The Walking Dead season 9, but they wanted to give fans a little taste of what's in store with this first brief but pretty cool teaser.

In the video, we see some ominous, literally dark footage of several characters who are set to make their return in the back half of season 4. Not to spoil it before you watch, but this concludes with a pretty awesome double zombie kill. The latter half of Fear the Walking Dead season 4 will see our characters explore themselves as individuals and as part of the greater group and how they will forge ahead.

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The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead have both shown over the course of their run that no cast member is safe. The mid-season finale of season 4 proved that with the death of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens). Speaking ahead of tomorrow's panel with Entertainment Weekly, Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Clark's daughter on the series, talked a bit about how shocking that was and how it's going to affect things.

"It was a shock. I mean, it's something that we have to expect and come to terms with when you're working on a show like this, because that's just the nature of it. But it's always hard losing someone, especially someone who is so extraordinary like Kim Dickens. She has been such a fearless leader.... The mourning process in the show is just reflecting your own mourning process."

Producer Gale Anne Hurd also offered some thoughts saying, "Great drama requires conflict. Great zombie drama requires some people to not make it through to the other side of the season or to the next year. Obviously, Kim is incredibly special and we will never forget her in a lot of things that people will be doing for seasons to come will be in memory of what she stood for." The loss of Kim Dickens has paved the way for several new cast members to join the show, including Jenna Elfman, Garret Dillahunt, Maggie Grace.

Lennie James' Morgan Jones is set to become a bigger part of the show moving forward. In addition to Alycia Debnam-Carey, the cast also includes Colman Domingo as Victor Strand and Danay Garcia as Luciana Galvez. Scott M. Gimple, who now oversees the entire Walking Dead universe, produces the series alongside showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg.

Fear the Walking Dead is set to return on AMC in less than a month on August 12. We'll be getting a full-length trailer during the San Diego Comic-Con panel tomorrow, which will debut online right after it airs at the event. We'll be sure to bring that to you as soon as it's made available. For now, be sure to check out the first teaser for the rest of season 4, courtesy of the AMC YouTube channel, for yourself below.