Fear the Walking Dead becomes an entirely different show in the midseason finale. We finally learn the fate of Madison (Kim Dickens). The time jumping story line ends with several monster reveals. I saw the most important one coming, but was pleasantly surprised by the others. Naomi's (Jenna Elfman) real name isn't Naomi or Laura, but June. It is a minor revelation in an episode that takes a sledgehammer to the show's premise.

"No One's Gone" opens on a dark night in the woods. Madison comes open a stranger eating noodles by a campfire. It is Althea (Maggie Grace). Madison ties up Al and asks her for the keys to the MRAV. She tells her, "I lost everything." Al responds that she has no idea what she's been through.

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Cut to the finale of last week's episode. The MRAV is in the diamond, surrounded by burnt walkers. John (Garret Dillahunt) is clinging to life in the back. Naomi needs to get to the infirmary to retrieve supplies. Suddenly we're back in the time with Madison and Al. Madison has Al tied up. She's rummaging through her collection of tapes. Madison wants the MRAV. Al wants to film her story. She calmly explains that she's been tied up before, then cuts herself loose with a hidden knife. They engage in a brief fight before Madison knocks her out. Al awakes to find Madison gone.

In the diamond, they're out of time. Morgan (Lennie James) says they have to make a run for the medicine. Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) holds the camera while Al unleashes her rigged machine guns on the walkers. It clears a momentary path for Morgan and Naomi to run inside. A huge explosion goes off near the entrance. Al looks where it came from. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Victor (Colman Domingo), and Luciana (Danay Garcia) have found them. They are in the stands, laying down heavy firepower.

Madison is in her truck, looking through Al's tapes. She's hoping to find some clue to her children's whereabouts, nothing. A walker appears at the window. She kills it, but then is stunned to see Al behind it with a machine gun. Now Madison is the one tied up. Al trains her camera on the captive. She wants to know who Madison is looking for.

At the diamond, Morgan and Noami fight off walkers. They reach the infirmary and start loading up. John is starting to fade. Al radios Naomi that the situation is dire. John turns to Charlie and the camera. He begs Naomi and Morgan to stop running. He doesn't care if he dies. His "nine lives" ran out long ago. He just wants Naomi to survive. Luciana hits the MRAV with an RPG. Al radios to Alicia, it's going to take more than that to get inside. Then the front door falls off. Alicia is outside with a gun.

We return to Al's interview of Madison. She wonders who Madison has lost, then quickly realizes she's looking for her children. Madison tells her that she "made a promise to keep them safe." In the present, Alicia leaps into the MRAV and attacks Al. It's a furious struggle, but Alicia gets in the back to Charlie. She puts a knife to Charlie's neck, and points her gun towards Al. She orders her to call Naomi back to truck. Al complies, but begs her not to kill Charlie. Alicia viciously responds that Charlie killed her brother. John secretly turns on the radio so Morgan and Naomi can hear what's happening. Al and Alicia fight again.

Back in time, Madison tells Al she was looking for a place to live. She tells her briefly about LA, Mexico, but that she wanted something more. "I was looking for a place where my kids wouldn't have to do what I did to you today," Madison laments. She then says that she did find that place.

Al and Alicia are engage in a vicious struggle. Alicia pushes Al's head outside into the horde of walkers. Meanwhile, Naomi doesn't care Alicia, she has to get back to John. Morgan volunteers to go first, "They don't want to kill me". As the struggle continues, Alicia knocks over Al's box of tapes and noodles. She looks at the food, and sees a tape with the title "Amina". A wave of realization dawns on her face.

Back at their interview, Madison tells Al how her children nursed a sick bird back to health. They called it "Amina". In the present, Alicia watches the interview in total shock. Al tells her that Madison never told her name, or that the diamond was the place she found. Alicia runs into the diamond to confront Naomi. Morgan puts his chest into her gun barrel. Alicia curses Naomi for what she did to her mother. Naomi says that she's mistaken. Morgan refuses to move. He let Nick (Frank Dillane) commit murder. He refuses to let Alicia do the same. Morgan tells her that things can change. They did for him, they will for her. Alicia collapses into his arms tearfully. Naomi races behind them to the MRAV.

Back in time, Al writes "Amina" on Madison's tape. Al gives Madison a huge supply of ramen noodles and her gun back. She says the next time they meet, let it be as friends. Madison leaves and drives on. The next day, she sees a blue van parked by a motel. She approaches it. Alicia, Victor, Luciana, and then Nick come out to meet her. Madison embraces Nick. She takes them through the woods, until they see the diamond in the distance. Victor wonders if it's too big. Madison replies that it's not just for us. She wants to build a community, because a stranger helped her when she didn't have to.

In the present, everyone is back inside the MRAV. John has been saved. His wound fixed, a saline drip hanging; he thanks Naomi for saving him. She quietly replies that her real name is June. John smiles and says it's his favorite month. Al wants to know what happened to Madison. Alicia asks her to pull over.

The group sits around a campfire. Alicia starts the story of how the diamond fell. Trapped in the car with Mel (Kevin Zeggers) and Nick, Madison, Victor, and Luciana fought through the walkers to get to them. The walkers, know aflame, terrified the people left in the diamond. They foolishly opened the gates to try to escape. Victor comments that they didn't have Madison's faith in the walls. Naomi pipes up, she begged the others to stay inside but they didn't listen. She ran for her life as the walkers approached the opening.

Everyone was trapped in the parking lot. Madison lit a flare and guided the walkers into the stadium. Mel took off in the car, grabbing Charlie on his way out, and then Naomi further away. Madison doubled back to the gate, but was surrounded by walkers on all sides. She calmly closed the gate, giving the others a chance to escape. Alicia runs towards her, but is pulled back by Victor, who burns his hand. This is the wound he was favoring when he first met Al. Madison calls in one last goodbye to her children. Alicia, Nick, and the others watch in horror as Madison throws down the flare. She ignites a fireball that consumes her and the walkers.

In the present, there is sadness around the campfire. Alicia, Victor, and Luciana weep. Charlie sits with them, forlorn. Al writes "Madison Clark" on the tape. Morgan looks around at his new found family. Victor hands out the cups of ramen noodles to everyone. They eat quietly by the campfire, together.

Alicia remains the only character left from the show's premiere. She becomes the lead after the death, or supposed death of Madison. We don't actually see Madison get burnt to a crisp, so a small possibility exists that she lives. I had a feeling Kim Dickens would not survive the diamond. It was a clever hook to have Al and Madison meet in the beginning. Al was responsible for the creation of the diamond, a truly epic reveal. Fear the Walking Dead is officially rebooted. The second half of season four will surely establish a new dynamic among the survivors. I've had some major issues so far, but found the midseason finale satisfying. I will be tuning in when Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC in the fall.

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