Fear the Walking Dead is officially in reboot mode. Last week's premiere introduced Morgan (Lennie James) along with John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) and Al (Maggie Grace). Episode two of season four, "Another Day in the Diamond", finally reveals what the Clark family has been doing since they destroyed the dam. Batter up folks, our heroes have spent an entire year living in a baseball stadium. They've been quite successful. But if there's one thing we learn from the zombie apocalypse, the good times do not last.

Another Day in the Diamond opens with a frame that says "BEFORE". We then get a sunny montage of Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Victor Strand (Colman Domingo), Luciana (Danay Garcia) and Nick (Frank Dillane) getting up from their cozy beds. Alicia opens her curtains to reveal a baseball stadium. The field has been cultivated for crops. Clothes hang from railings in front of the press boxes, which have been turned into housing.

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Madison (Kim Dickens) is standing at a lookout with a young girl, Charlie. She asks Charlie about her family. The girl doesn't want to talk about them. Madison assures her that she is safe. That she has found a new home. Madison asks Charlie where she came from. Charlie points out into the distance, over the walkers in the parking lot.

A morning announcement blares from the stadium speakers, "Today marks 365 days in the diamond". Nick is in the field digging up rotting turnips. He talks to Charlie, who casually asks how much food is stored in the pantries. Alicia approaches her mother with coffee, who has been building a room for Charlie. Madison hasn't had much sleep, but she plans to lead a search for Charlie's parents.

Several people gather with Madison around a map. A circle marks the limit they will search. Charlie's family is outside the circle. A resident is against going so far, but Madison will not be deterred. Meanwhile, Luciana and Victor pack a truck with supplies. Madison and Alicia join them. Nick kisses Luciana goodbye. Above on the lookout, another settler uses a pitching machine to launch a firecracker laden baseball deep into the parking lot. It explodes and draws away the walkers.

The gate opens and the truck drives out. Luciana mentions that Nick must come out sooner or later. Madison replies to give him time. He needs to feel safe. Nick goes back to his rotten turnips. They are infested with weevils. The truck continues until they lose communication with the stadium. They pull up to an empty town. The group splits into two; Alicia with her mother, Luciana goes with Victor.

Victor and Luciana walk through a pharmacy. The place has been picked clean, even the light bulbs are gone. Alicia and Madison see a white flag with the number "457" on top of an oil storage tank. Madison walks through the remnants of a burnt out camp. She finds a half-eaten can of food. Alicia radios that there are no signs of the dead. Victor replies back that they've seen nothing either. Luciana says Madison will look under every rock. Victor laughs; Madison is the only reason why he's there. She saved him, and she didn't have to. He's never asked why. Luciana says that he should.

A disheveled woman (Jenna Elfman) pulls a gun on Madison. She wants her car keys. Madison soothingly replies that she's not in danger, clicking three times on her radio. Luciana and Victor hear the signal. They come running, along with Alicia, and surround the stranger. The stranger hastily runs upstairs to the top of the tanker. There's a hole with speakers at the edge. The stranger falls into the oil as the speakers blare loudly.

Madison jumps in to rescue the stranger. They stand back to back as walkers rise up from the oil. Outside the tank, Victor and Alicia struggle to open the rusted valves. As the women fight the dead inside, Victor opens the latch. Everyone comes pouring out in the sludge. They quickly dispatch the walkers and discuss their newfound companion.

The woman says her name is Naomi. This wasn't her camp. She's been on the road since the beginning. She wasn't going to hurt anyone. Meanwhile at the stadium, Nick is concerned. They heard the brief music from the trap. He tells Charlie to open the gate. He is going out in a truck to search for them. As his hands touch the wheel, he experiences a flashback from the exploding dam. Nick slowly drives out of the gate, but is surrounded by walkers. He continues to hallucinate the dam exploding. A walker's head pops from a rifle shot. The settlers radio him to get the hell out of there. He leaves the truck in a daze, but is picked by his mother and the others as they return.

Madison asks Charlie what happened at the camp. She responds that she knows they didn't find her parents. Madison is becoming wary of the child. In the stands, Naomi treats a cut on Nick's forehead. She was once an ICU nurse. Madison comes to join them. She tells Naomi that 47 people live there, 48 if she decides to stay. Naomi is surprised, she pulled a gun on her. Madison says she didn't shoot. She has done a lot worse. Madison recommends that Naomi take a hot shower. Naomi is stunned they have such luxury.

At the lookout, Luciana watches as Victor and a few others push the truck back. Suddenly a caravan of trucks comes barreling out of the darkness. She raises the alarm. Victor and the others race back behind the gates. Alicia tells everyone to gather their arms. Everyone watches as the caravan stops before them. A man rides a bicycle with loud music into a truck. The walkers follow them. The invaders then lock the truck, affix a white flag to the side, then spray paint "12" on it. Another man sets a chair in front of the gate. He waits calmly and sips cans of beer from a cooler.

Madison walks out to meet him. She informs him they have a lot of people with guns. She saw their flag by the destroyed camp. The man scoffs, they had to clean up the mess. They warned them about the valves on the tanks. Boom, they didn't listen. He wants Madison to listen. He knows about their bad turnips, rattles off all their arms, and then drops Nick's name. Madison is shocked. How does he know Nick? The man beckons towards Charlie. The girl walks past Madison towards him. He tells her that the kid has a knack for finding the good stuff. This time she's hit the jackpot.

Madison coldly replies they aren't getting anything. The man laughs. He's had this conversation hundreds of times. He lists their guns and ammo. They can either give them everything and live. Or die as they wait them out. He'll end up with the gun on her hip. "That's just the way it goes". He introduces himself as Mel, then offers to shake Madison's hand.

Madison ignores him. They're not going anywhere. They have found a better way. Mel laughs, "You haven't been tested yet, but you're about to be". Mel goes back to sitting down with his beer. Madison returns to the diamond. The next day, they are essentially under siege. Luciana leaves the gate and walks toward the bus where Charlie is. She lays a book she found, "The Little Prince", in front of her window. Inside the stadium, Madison continues to build in the dugout for Charlie. The others join her quietly.

A new frame says "NOW". We're back at the end of last week's episode. Alicia, Victor, Nick, and Luciana have captured Morgan, Al, and John. Nick picks up Al's camera, which gets a furious retort from the journalist. Luciana comes out of the armored truck holding the white flag with "51" on it, "You're with them, the Vultures". Al has no idea what that name means. She tells Alicia they found that flag. Alicia demands Al show her where they found it. The episode ends as they all get into the truck and drive back to the trailer park.

The plot does indeed thicken. The Clarks and company have lived in peace for a year. It looks like Salazar did not make it to the stadium paradise. They foolishly let in Charlie, who revealed their status to the Vultures. They have been trapping the walkers and marking the locations with flags. We can assume from the state of the survivors that the game against the Vultures did not go to extra innings. Madison is not with her children, along with the other settlers and their new pal Naomi. Tune in next week to find out their fates as Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead continues on AMC.

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