Fear the Walking Dead adds a bit more intrigue to the new characters. Weak brings June (Jenna Elfman) and Al (Maggie Grace) back into the zombie game. Morgan (Lennie James) and his new long haul trucking buddies make it back to Texas. But the mysterious psycho woman (Tonya Pinkins) is hot on their trail.

Weak begins with June watching Al's video of John. She gets sentimental as John rattles on about his love of licorice candy. She exits the MRAV to survey the damage from the storm. She tries to radio John again. She thanks him for looking for her. She regrets leaving him on the bus. Al comes back. She can't find any diesel. They're out of fuel. We get a quick montage of the days going by. They sleep in the truck, drink water, then their supplies run out.


The semi is plowing down a highway with a walker stuck on the front. Sarah (Mo Collins) gets out, kills it, then pries it off. She and Wendell (Daryll Mitchell) reminisce about their father hitting a seagull. Morgan tries the radio again with no luck. He sees a road sign. They are seventy-six miles from Houston.

At the MRAV, Al is looking pale. She's upset at June for draining the battery in the camera. But she understands why. June asks Al if she's ever had someone. Al responds that she lost her story when she spent so much time recording others. Meanwhile, the psycho woman is driving towards Morgan. She has the walker, called Purvis, in the back of the car with the writing on his face. She says Morgan makes people weak by leaving the supplies.


June hears a faint transmission from Morgan, but it's garbled and she can't recognize the voice. They are in a pick-up after leaving the MRAV. Al opens the door to vomit. June feels her forehead. She's burning up. Suddenly, the stolen MRAV drives past them. They give chase until the truck gets a flat tire. Al is now deathly ill. She tells June that she has Cipro in the MRAV. June has to get it back.

Morgan has left the others in the truck to find higher ground. He wants a better radio signal. He comes across the psycho woman at a box left by the road. He warily approaches, telling her he can help. She turns around, covered in a dirt, with a fierce look. She doesn't need his help. She warns Morgan to be careful. Morgan walks away from her towards a water tower in the distance. The psycho woman taints the drinking water in the supply box.


June and Al hear the MRAV's machine guns in the distance. It's close by. June heads off to find the antibiotics, while Al remains to change the flat. June hikes up the road. She sees an overturned bus, and a pile of walker bodies in front of it. As she sneaks around the side, the MRAV thief (Charles Harrelson) gets the drop on her.

He has June kneel in the road. June begs him not to do this. People can help each other out. All she needs is the medicine in the truck. The man disagrees, this is the way of the world now. June lurches at him. They wrestle violently, but she gets the gun. June berates the thief, but she lets him go. June searches the MRAV top to bottom but cannot find any drugs. She radios Al.


At the pick-up, Al struggles to change the tire. Her illness has left her weak. A walker crawls out of a mud pit and attacks. Al hears June on the radio as they fight. Al kills the walker by kicking out the jack. The truck falls on the walker's head, smashing it like a tomato. Al gets her radio. There is no medicine. She just wanted the MRAV back.

June stands in front of Al furious. Al is gratefully taking the meds that June found on the walker bus. June is furious Al risked her life for the MRAV. Al had to get her tapes back. The stories there are hers too, about the people she loved. Morgan has finally reached the top of the water tower. He radios out that he's at mile marker twenty-seven, but he won't wait much longer.


June and Al receive Morgan's transmission. But they can't respond when the battery dies. They look on a map. Morgan is just fifty miles away. June gets in the truck to drive there, but Al gets out. She wants to go back to her MRAV and the tapes. Just as June is driving away, Al fires a shot in the air. Al changes her mind and they leave together.

At the mile marker, night has fallen. In the semi cab, Wendell tells Morgan it's time to go. Jim (Aaron Stanford) gives Morgan a beer. Just as he opens it. June and Al drive up to them. It's a nice reunion, but Morgan hasn't found the others. He introduces his travelling companions to his friends.


June radios to the man she let go. He can join them. They are at mile twenty-seven. The radio crackles to life. The thief is called Quinn. He calls her Cipro. She introduces herself as June. Quinn found diesel for the MRAV. He's on his way.

Quinn radios that he's at the mile marker. Where is she? June and the others are there, but don't see him. She radios back that he must be mistaken. Quinn investigates the sign. He's at mile twenty-one, the sign had been altered. Suddenly Quinn is attacked by the psycho woman's walker, that she has tethered to a pole. Quinn is murdered.

At the real marker, Morgan still wants Al to come to Virginia. She promises to go, but only for the story. He tells her of the people that cleared the roads and left the boxes. June continues to try Quinn on the radio. They psycho woman gets in the MRAV. She lets her walker go. She watches as Quinn turns in the back of the truck. She cackles, "You're not weak anymore."


Al's near death illness basically vanishes after two swallows of whatever pills June found. She's too weak to reach for the radio, but strong enough to kick out the jack to kill the walker. "Weak" is a better description for some of the filler scenes in this episode. I do find the psycho woman interesting. Let's hope her story is more than just a few episodes of crazy. Next week we pick up with John and Victor after the storm, on AMC.

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