When last we saw Morgan (Lennie James), Alicia had left him in the storm. Fear the Walking Dead picks up his story with The Code. This episode smacked of filler initially, but took a surprising turn at the end. Three new characters are introduced. We'll see if the newbies have staying power or just future fodder for a zombie buffet.

The Code begins with Morgan trying to find Alicia in the woods. The storm is getting worse. He happens upon a seemingly abandoned semi truck. Morgan takes shelter in the back. He finds cardboard boxes of supplies with the writing, "Take what you need, leave what you don't." Morgan helps himself to a few protein bars and bottled water. He curls up with a blanket and falls asleep.


Morgan wakes up to the sound of a walker at the door. He kills it, but realizes he's no longer in Texas. Morgan is at a truck stop in Mississippi. He walks inside to find the shelves fully stocked. He's shocked to discover that the lights work as well. Suddenly the radio crackles to life. A woman is asking for "polar bear". Morgan responds that he's just found this place and the supplies. She tells him to take what he needs, then goes silent.

Morgan refills for the road, also grabbing a walkie-talkie. He goes to the bathroom. The water works. He sits on the toilet, quite relaxed, until he hears a shotgun pump. A voice demands he get out. Morgan opens the stall to find a handicapped man in a wheelchair pointing the gun. Wendell (Dary Mitchell), as we later learn, chides him for using the handicapped stall. Morgan replies it always seemed like a little apartment. Wendell agrees it's the seperate sink.


Still at gunpoint, a woman joins Wendell. Her name is Sarah (Mo Collins). She excuses her brother's behavior, then demands he put the gun down. Wendell says they're twins. Morgan chuckles as Wendell is black and Sarah is white. Sarah shows him the truck full of supplies. They live by a code. Help people when you can, then move on, "keep on trucking".

Morgan tells them that he's returning to Virginia. But he needs to go back to Texas to help his friends. Wendell and Sarah inform him that the hurricane has destroyed roads. Levees have collapsed. They help Morgan fill up a car with supplies. He thanks them for his help, then hits the road back to Texas.


Morgan drives until a tree blocks the road. He proceeds on foot, finding another box of the supplies by the road. He comes to a bridge then stops. The road ahead seems to go on forever. Morgan has had enough. He radios Wendell and Sarah. He tells them that the bridge is out. He's returning to them in Texas.

As Morgan drives back, he sees a hooded, tied up man, running across a field. The man is surrounded by walkers. Morgan stops the car, dispatches the walkers, and frees him. In the car, the man explains he was a beer maker, the owner of a microbrewery. Jim (Aaron Stanford) had been kidnapped by people who wanted beer recipes. He waxes poetic on his ideas for the future. Beer will be a treasured commodity. Jim lost out on a fortune when the apocalypse hit, but maybe he can recoup his losses in the new world.


Morgan and Jim drive to meet Wendell and Sarah. When they get to the truck, Jim freaks out and starts to run away. It turns out that Wendell and Sarah were Jim's kidnappers. They used Morgan to track him down. Their story was a lie. They stole the truck full of supplies as well. At gunpoint, Wendell and Sarah demand to know where the settlement is in Virginia. A betrayed Morgan refuses to tell. He and Jim are tied up, then thrown in the back. The truck begins to drive east.

In the back, Jim surveys the beer supplies Wendell and Sarah have found. He believes he can actually make the beer. Jim begs Morgan to tell them where the settlement is. Ancient societies were built on beer. They can be rich in the new world trading it. The truck screeches to a halt.


The truck is stuck on a bridge. It's too heavy, the wheels are spinning in the dirt. Morgan and Jim watch as Sarah unloads the beer gear. Jim begs her not to leave a valuable coil. Suddenly, a small herd of walkers approaches them from the river below. Morgan, still tied up, accidentally falls backwards down to the river. He scampers on top of a car, but is quickly surrounded by the walkers.

Morgan screams for help. Sarah contacts him on the radio from above. They'll help, if Morgan tells them where to go. Morgan relents, route 81, exit 77c, take a left at the cat billboard. But they don't help. Wendell tells Morgan he knows he lied about the bridge being out. Wendell, Sarah, and Jim then turn around and leave Morgan behind.


Night falls, Morgan is still stuck on top of the car, besieged by walkers. Still tied up, he tries the radio again on his hip. He asks for them to return. He admits he was a coward. But it's time for him to do the right thing. Morgan wants to be saved, so he can go back and help his friends. Nothing but static. Morgan decides to make a move. He loses a shoe, but jumps over the walkers. As he's about to slide back down into their clutches. He sees a box of the supplies, along with a mile marker sign, that must have blown off the bridge. Morgan fishes out a knife, cuts himself loose, the takes out the walkers with the sign.


Saved by the supplies, Morgan continues to walk. He walks for a while, until he sees the truck in front of him. A pissed off Wendell and Sarah are waiting. They drove hundreds of miles before realizing Morgan lied. Morgan chides them for leaving him and stealing the supply truck. But all that's about to change. They are going to help him save his friends and make things right. That's the only way they'll get to the settlement.

Everyone is back in the semi, returning to Texas. Morgan radios out to the person they stole the truck from. Thank you for the supplies, we're coming back and helping. Morgan forces them to drop a box of supplies periodically at mile markers. Jim puts a beer in one. Meanwhile, at another truck stop, a crazed looking woman (Tonya Pinkins) has a walker pinned to the wall. She heard Morgan's message. She writes, "take what you need, leave what you don't" on the walker's face. She then cackles, "We're going to Texas."


The plot does indeed thicken. Morgan is heading back with Wendell, Sarah, and Jim in tow. Who was that psycho woman in the end? Who really owned the truck and left the boxes? Where are the others? Tune into AMC next week as we find find out what happened to June and Al.

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