Fear the Walking Dead kicks off the post-Travis storyline with Teotwawki, or The End of the World as We Know It. This is the acronym given by Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie) for his doomsday survival training. The episode begins with a grainy, VHS infomercial of a younger Otto with Jake and Troy as children. Along with his wife, he preaches the virtues of preparedness for the eventual apocalypse. Order now and he'll even throw in a genuine Broke Jaw ranch survival bucket. This clip is another telling clue to the white supremacist, separatist origin of the Otto's enclave.

After the credits, the community is having a funeral for the lost helicopter pilot. Madison (Kim Dickens) stands up and thanks everyone for their generosity. She pointedly brings up Travis. Thanking him for his sacrifice. A disgruntled rancher wants vengeance against whoever shot down the helicopter. Troy (Daniel Sharman) says they will have it. His brother Jake (Sam Underwood) asks for calm. They need to find out what happened before they take any action.

At dinner, Madison and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) hear snickers from the crowd. The girl serving food, Gretchen, asks Alicia to join them for bible study. She sarcastically responds, "We're Jewish." But her mother volunteers her to go learn the gospel. In the infirmary, Luciana (Danay Garcia) is being fed by Nick (Frank Dillane). She's healed considerably, but is still chained to the bed. She demands to know when they will leave. She cannot forgive Troy's attack on her people.

Madison returns to their bunk house to find Troy in a bed. He tells her that he never fit in anywhere. The ranch is his life. Everything he does is for its survival. He wanted her to come, but did not plan for Nick. She tells him they are a package deal. She kicks him out, but makes him make the bed before he leaves.

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In Mexico, Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) drives that new Jaguar to a dam. He passes a long line of people and drives to the front. He asks to speak to Dante. He offers the car to the goons, but they toss the key and start to rough him up. Dante arrives before things get worse.

At the bunk house, Madison reminds her children that the plan is to stay. Travis died getting them there. Nick says Luciana will not be accepted. Madison shuts him down. They went through hell to find him. They are not leaving. She goes to Jeremiah Otto's house. He and Jake are discussing a patrol has not returned. Madison interrupts. She wants both men to keep Troy away from her family. Jeremiah says she is hard to like. She agrees, but tells him coldly that Troy is a murderer. The community does not know. Madison wants to meet whoever shot down the chopper.

Nick and Alicia watch as children play with the horses. She is going to the bible group. They have to stay and learn who these people are. They have no choice. Nick asks what happened to her out there. Troy is in a garden that has been destroyed by wild boars. He is confronted by Jake. Leave the Clark family alone. They must lead the ranch, but no one can know what Troy really is.

Alicia heads into an underground area with the other teens. Bible study is not at all what she expected. The kids are drinking and smoking weed. She takes a bong hit. They introduce her to Jeff, the head of a walker in a birdcage. She laughs. The teens pepper her with news of the outside world. They have all been at the ranch since the event.

Madison remains at Jeremiah's house. She watches the videos of his survival series. In the outtakes, she sees him yelling and abusive. Jeremiah apologizes to her, says it wasn't his finest hour. He and his second wife were alcoholics. The booze killed her, while the young Troy tried to take care of her. He was too busy selling buckets.

Dante and Victor catch up. They talk about Thomas, old business, laughing it up while drinking and eating. Back with the teens, Alicia tells them she killed a man. It was easy. Victor's reunion with Dante takes a turn. He's brought to the top of the dam. Victor watches as Dante's goons throw a cartel man over the gate into a crowd of walkers below. They grab Victor next. He begs for his life, claiming he will help them secure the water delivery. Dante lets Victor live, but says he will punish him for looting his people.

Nick is observing an old couple dance at night. Troy drives up and asks him to come on the boar hunt. He gives Nick a pistol. Meanwhile, Jeremiah takes Madison to the bunker below his house. It is stocked with weapons, food, and other supplies as far as she can see. Madison admits that Nick used to be an addict. Jeremiah promises they will build a better world for both of their sons.

On the hunt, several men and their dogs run off to catch the boar. Nick turns a corner. Troy attempts to follow him but is bushwhacked by Nick. He stands over Troy then fires a shot by his face. Troy says to kill him and measure how long before he turns. Nick takes his precious journal and tears it into pieces laughing. Troy grabs the torn pages, but also laughs. He thinks they can be friends.

Madison visits Luciana, who is thankful for Travis saving her life. Madison tells her that they need to stay at the ranch. Luciana is not happy, but resigned to follow her lead. Outside, the drunken teens walk by Jake on their way home. Bible study was indeed fruitful.

The next day at breakfast, Jeremiah announces they are going to search for the missing team. A bunch of soldiers volunteer, as does Madison, to everyone's surprise. We then cut to a forlorn Victor in a cell. He's given a cantina of water through the cell window. He chugs it greedily. A familiar voice sneers, "I knew you would drink it all." Victor sees that it is Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades).

Daniel Salazar's return is not surprising. We never saw him die in the fire. The same goes for Travis. We didn't see him expire either. I pray that Travis comes back as well. The Clarks and Otto family are desperately boring characters. This series cannot continue with them as the focus. Victor and Daniel back in the picture spices up the action for now. Tune in next week on AMC as we leave the cozy, supremacist ranch to find out how Salazar survived in the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

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