Adios Broke Jaw Ranch! Fear the Walking Dead continues its precipitous downward slide with "This Land is Your Land". Episode thirteen has the ranch going down in flames, Troy's (Daniel Sharman) continued survival, and the Clark's laughably breaking up...again. I would never have guessed that the death of Jeremiah Otto, the high point in season three, would be squandered by such a foolish storyline.

Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), and Crazy Dog (Justin Rain) are trapped in the pantry with the rest of the survivors. Everyone is sweltering and short of breath, Ofelia realizes that there is something blocking the air vent. Alicia sees one of the ranchers has been bitten. Outside the ranch, Nick (Frank Dillane) tells Troy to stop sulking over his brother's death. He has to get his ass in gear and help him save all the people...who he just tried to kill with the horde.


In the pantry, Alicia has a plan. All the bitten people can sacrifice themselves for the group. She announces this idea, no takers, until the bitten rancher volunteers. Alicia gathers morphine for the group. An older Indian man volunteers to be first. She takes him to the next room, injects the morphine, and stabs him in the back of the head. Alicia leaves the room, utterly shaken. One of the older ranch ladies comforts her, begs her to be strong for them.

Outside, Nick and Troy spring into action. Their goal is to get to the fuel depot. Nick fires a grenade to distract the walkers. They jump in the truck and tear through the horde, until the truck crashes into an RV. They run towards the helicopter and get in. Hundreds of walkers surround them as Troy laughs the whole time.


Back at the pantry, Alicia has euthanized all of the bitten except one. The rancher who was the first to volunteer is the last to die. He can feel the change coming and asks her to hurry. Alicia finishes him off. In the air vent, Crazy Dog hyperventilates as he and Ofelia search for the blockage. Ofelia helps him calm down. Alicia sits with a woman who tells of her life before the ranch. Her husband was in the first tower on 9/11. She married a first responder and they came to the ranch, fearing the world would come to an end. She regrets being afraid and hiding. She wishes she had seen the world instead of escaping it. She asks Alicia to never do anything out of fear.


While Alicia yaps away with the woman, Crazy Dog has calmed down. He and Ofelia make it to the obstruction. A walker is stuck in the ventilation fan. Outside in the helicopter, Nick turns on the rotors. They shred the dead for a moment before the blades fail. The walkers break through the glass. Troy gives Nick his gun. There is one bullet left. He can make the choice who dies easy.

Alicia walks up from a haze. People are passed out on the floor from oxygen deprivation. They are starting to turn. She kills a few with her knife. Then drags the old woman into the gun cage. She grabs a rifle, loads the last clip, and begins to fend off the dead. In the ventilation shaft, the walker drops down and Ofelia kills it. In the helicopter, they are about to be overrun when a massive explosion goes off nearby.


Alicia is out of bullets. Just as the walkers are about to smash through the cage, drum roll please, Madison's (Kim Dickens) group arrives. She shoots the walkers attacking her daughter and beckons for her to come. Alicia returns to get the old woman, but she is dead. She gingerly kills her before joining her mother.

The group is gathered by the water truck. Alicia is asleep inside. Madison and Victor Strand (Coleman Domingo) look back at the burning wreckage that was Broke Jaw Ranch. The dam is now there only option. Madison tells Ofelia that her father is alive. Alicia wakes up and joins them. She asks for Jake. Nick shakes his head. Troy tells her he had to put him down. Alicia asks how the horde found the ranch. Nick lies and said Troy tried to warn them.


"This Land is Your Land" ends with Alicia refusing to go back to the dam. She wants to be alone, find a way to live for herself. She will go to the cabin that Jake showed her. Alicia leaves in a truck. Nick volunteers to follow and watch her. Madison tells him to take Troy, and then meet them at the dam. The group splinters as Broke Jaw Ranch burns in the background.

That's all for Broke Jaw Ranch folks. Just like that, the ranch, ranchers, and Indians are all conveniently dead. Only the primary cast is left alive, and once again, they split up for no good reason. This episode was ridiculous on so many levels. First, the scenario of being trapped in the pantry. It's hard to believe all those people would graciously commit suicide. Then you have the continued presence of Troy, the jackass who started this whole thing. At this point I've given up on this show completely. Thankfully the season is almost done. I pray that The Walking Dead returns with a better storyline. October 22nd can't come soon enough on AMC.

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