The Fargo season 4 trailer is here, showing us a peek at the next installment of FX's hit anthology series. In the first footage, we get a great look at the new season's cast, which is bringing in such names as Chris Rock, Jason Schwartzman, Jessie Buckley, Ben Whishaw, and Timothy Olyphant. This time, the story will also be set in 1950 in Kansas City, Missouri, and the trailer also gives us a good look at the interesting environment. You can check it out for yourself below!

Some plot details for Fargo season 4 have also been revealed by FX. In 1950 Kansas City, two criminal syndicates manage to strike a truce between their organizations, but some unrest clearly still remains. Leading the cast is Chris Rock as Loy Cannon, a gangster who heads a crime syndicate made up of African American migrants, who's forced to trade sons with the leader of the Italian mafia as a part of their agreement for peace. Giving up his eldest son, Loy must then care for the Italian mobster's son as if he were his own. However, the mafia leader dies unexpectedly, and that's when everything completely changes for everyone.

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Inspired by the movie of the same name by the Coen Brothers, Fargo serves as an anthology series which tells a different story with each separate season. Although the show will feature references and other connections to the movie and other seasons, each installment is set in a different location and time period. Previous seasons have been set in 2006, 1979, and 2010, featuring such stars as Billy Bob Thornton, Kirsten Dunst, and Ewan McGregor. Each have been entertaining in their own ways, and all three seasons have earned universal acclaim with perfect or near-perfect ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

It's not clear if and when Fargo could be returning for a fifth season, though that might depend on the continued success of the show. In any case, creator and showrunner Noah Hawley will be keeping busy, as he has also signed on to develop the next theatrical Star Trek movie for Paramount Pictures. Details on the project are not fully clear, though Hawley is suggesting he will be introducing an all-new cast of characters for his own original vision. For now, Hawley remains committed to completing his work on Fargo season 4 before diving head-on into the Star Trek universe, so we can expect the same level of quality we've seen from the show for its past three seasons.

Season 4 of Fargo is set to premiere on FX on April 19, 2020. With a strong cast and compelling story, every indication is here that the upcoming season will be just as strong as those to come before it, and every fan of the show is going to want to mark the season 4 premiere date on the calendar. The Fargo season 4 trailer shown above comes to us from the official YouTube channel for FX.