Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy shared a panel with American Dad at San Diego Comic-Con today and released a trailer for the 17th season of the hit show. While not shown in the new trailer, the Griffins will pick up and move to Washington in an unidentified episode this season that will see Peter having an "unfortunate encounter" with President Donald Trump, according to showrunners Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin. In addition, the new season of Family Guy will also pay tribute to the late Adam West by changing the local high school name from James Woods Regional High School to Adam West High.

The Family Guy panel at Comic-Con also featured a trailer for Season 17 that is, in true Family Guy fashion, all over the place. Peter is seen towards the end of the trailer with Brian when The Orville shows up on the TV. Peter pulls out a handgun and starts blasting away at the TV and when asked why, Peter says, with a different voice actor, that he hates the show because it keeps him from his Family Guy duties. It's a funny commentary on the backlash that The Orville had when fans of the long-running animated series claimed that Seth MacFarlane wouldn't have time for both.

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Elsewhere in the new trailer for Season 17 of Family Guy, there's a farting Demogorgon from Stranger Things, a few callbacks to the infamous Sharon Stone scene from Basic Instinct, but with Peter playing the part. If that wasn't enough, Kanye West joins Isis, Stewie and Brian appear to be in a parody of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and they get hit by a giant booger from Cleveland's nose. There's a lot going on in the nearly 5-minute trailer that has thankfully been released online.

Family Guy is known for the parodies, but it's also known for the musical aspects as well. Don't worry, that's represented here with some singing grapes. One of them chokes Stewie and then ends up on the ground to sing his life's tune until he's stepped on and killed. With a lot of the musical bits on the animated series, this one goes on a bit too long, but that's part of the ridiculous humor.

Family Guy returns to Fox on September 30th with their 17th season. While the trailer looks great, there's no sign of that Trump episode that showrunners Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin spoke of at Comic-Con. From what they said at the panel, that will be the standout episode of the season when Peter and Trump get into an "epic battle," which will also cover fake news in the process. Appel and Sulkin also revealed that they are not going to replace Adam West as the mayor on the show, declaring that he is "irreplaceable." You can watch the Family Guy Season 17 trailer below, provided by the Animation on Fox YouTube trailer.