Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is helping fans pass some of their time staying at home by releasing a new podcast in character as Stewie Griffin and Brian. In addition to creating the hit animated series, MacFarlane has been voicing many of its main characters since its inception in 1999. Now, the animator is using the show's trademark humor for a fictional podcast hosted by Stewie and Brian released to Family Guy fans on social media. Given what's been happening lately, the two can be seen wearing masks in the image used for the post. Of course, other popular characters voiced by MacFarlane appear on the podcast as well, as Peter and Quagmire both call into the show to speak to the talking dog and baby.

"We have played Trivial Pursuit until we have memorized every clue. We have played Candy Land. We have played Sorry! - that's how bored we are, we played Sorry! - so, what's left to do...but make a podcast?" Stewie declares in the opening moments of the show. The two then run through some of the biggest stories that's been in the news, from Tom Brady's exit from the New England Patriots to Gal Gadot's ill-received "Imagine" cover released on social media. Stewie also laments over many of his favorite television shows going dark, though he questions if The Masked Singer will still be able to air.

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One of the most relevant topics of discussion relates to panic buying and the hoarding of toilet paper in particular, leaving many grocery store shelves completely empty. Speaking on the topic, the always-reasonable Brian chimes in to tell people not to buy so much toilet paper, leaving those who need it with no choice but to go without. "Hoarding helps no one, and actually hurts those among us who need the supplies the most," Brian notes in the podcast. The two then go on to suggest a few "life hacks" for people to turn to rather than loading up on Charmin, with Stewie offering this helpful tip: "If you own a tie, you have toilet paper."

Also in the podcast, Stewie and Brian have a humorous recreation of the classic "Who's on first?" routine from the comedy duo Abbott and Costello. "Who gives the guidelines?" "Yes, WHO gives the guidelines," the two argue, with Brian referring to the World Health Organization by encouraging people to adhere by the suggestions on their official website. "Hang in there everyone, stay home as directed by your local and state governments, and we can beat this thing and get back to life," Brian says before bringing the show to a close.

Running under five minutes in length, the podcast is short and sweet and well worth a listen. As the clip is increasing views on Instagram very rapidly, hopefully MacFarlane will be inspired to do a few more of these while most of us remain in self-isolation. You can check out the free Family Guy podcast below, courtesy of Seth MacFarlane on Instagram.