"Play with yourself! Or...Play with others." The wonderfully whacked out world of creator Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy has just become interactive with Family Guy Online, a new free-to-play browser-based, 3D multiplayer game from Twentieth Century Fox. To check out this awesome time consumer: CLICK HERE Then watch our trailer, along with two featurettes on the concept of the game and how the interactive Quahog was created.

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How do you play?

Family Guy Online lets players create Family Guy-like characters, embark on adventures based on Family Guy episode themes and storylines, and connect with friends and fans of the show in an online world. All fan-favorites from the Griffins and Quagmire to the Greased-Up Deaf Guy are there to interact with players and send them out on adventures alone or with their friends. To enjoy the game, a player only needs a web-browser and Internet connection. Once they login, they'll be directed to install the Unity web-player - it's safe, secure and super-fast.

Who is it for?

The game is designed to entertain at all gaming skill levels and offers countless gameplay options for fans of the show or anyone with a passion for outrageous comedy, epic storytelling and vibrant graphics.

Will gamers play as the Griffin family?

Gamers will be able to create and customize their own Family Guy-like characters through the Character Creator. Character classes are based the popular show characters: Peter (the dad class), Lois (the mom class), Chris/Meg (the teen class) and Stewie (the kid class). Each brings their own unique skills and attributes for players to customize. Players will interact in-game with the actual Family Guy characters who serve as guides and instruct them on missions and tasks.

How closely does the game tie to the television show?

Family Guy Online is closely tied to the Family Guy TV series. The TV show's writers are part of the game development team and are constantly creating dialogue and storylines for the game that shadow and integrate with new episodes.

What type of game is Family Guy Online?

Family Guy Online is a mid-core game. It fits in the white space between the social and hardcore games because it is graphically rich and more robust than a social game, but it does not require the bandwidth or horsepower of a hardcore game. Because it combines massively multiplayer gaming with laugh-out-loud Family Guy humor, we've dubbed it a MMLOL game.

What is your revenue model?

Family Guy Online is free-to-play. The revenue model is based on micro-transactions (selling virtual items that personalize and enhance game play) and sponsorships. We may explore additional revenue models post Open beta launch.

Who is behind it?

Fox and the Family Guy creative team have partnered with Roadhouse Interactive, a next-generation online social game production company with an integrated network of development and operations partners, including A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games, lead developer; Mindwalk Studios, a digital art and animation studio; and Sleepy Giant Entertainment, an independent game operations management company, to create and operate Family Guy Online.