You can watch a clip from the Family Guy 300th episode online right now ahead of the episode's debut this Sunday. Family Guy has been a staple for Fox for nearly two decades now, despite having to overcome some major hurdles in its early days. Now, the series is about to cross a major milestone as the animated sitcom will be one of few in the history of television, animated or otherwise, to cross the 300 episode mark. And it looks like this episode is going to contain a lot of classic Family Guy bits, in addition to packing a rather serious punch, emotionally and physically.

The clip from the upcoming Family Guy episode, titled Dog Bites Bear, sees Brian and Stewie, both voiced by creator Seth MacFarlane, on a hike when things take a turn. Stewie is quite angry at Brian for tearing up his beloved stuffed bear, Rupert, which leads to the two having a very serious brawl. Drawn out and over-the-top fights have been a staple of Family Guy from the beginning, but this one looks to be quite emotionally charged. Though, it's not without its levity. Especially at the very end. Here's what executive producer Rich Appel had to say about the upcoming episode in an interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this year.

"Cherry Chevapravatdumrong wrote the episode, and among many skill sets she brings to her job as a writer is a fondness bordering on obsession with The Fast and Furious series. One of the sustained bits in the show revolves around Stewie's adoration of that series, and he tells Brian to be careful talking about Paul Walker because he hasn't yet broken the news of his death to Rupert."

Family Guy has a long way to go to catch The Simpsons, which is already over the 600 episode mark, but Seth MacFarlane's series is a pretty amazing success story in its own right. The series was canceled by Fox, two different times, early in its run. Thanks to reruns on Adult Swim, the series wound up being resurrected and now, in the middle of its 16th season, the animated sitcom is getting ready to cross a milestone that few shows can ever hope to even get close to.


Though less successful, Family Guy spawned the spin-off, The Cleveland Show, which ran for four seasons. The series also crossed over with The Simpsons in 2014. How much longer will Family Guy go? It's hard to say, but even if this is the final season (which it probably isn't), the series has etched its place in the history books. The 300th episode of Family Guy is set to premiere on Fox on Sunday, January 14. Be sure to check out the clip from the Dog Bites Bear episode, courtesy of the Animation On Fox YouTube channel, for yourself below.