As much as things are booming in TV land, there's just as many things that can go bust. Some of you may recall that it wasn't too long ago that TV was not a cool place to be. In fact, it was mainly a place for fading stars to go to revive their sagging movie careers. Then, once they regained their cachet, said actors couldn't bail TV land quick enough.

In fact, say what you will about The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and a handful of other shows being groundbreaking, it really wasn't until Breaking Bad and Netflix that TV land became the wild west of possibilities. Suddenly, stories that couldn't be crammed into a couple of hours got to breath for thirteen hours or more during an entire TV season. A list actors and directors were suddenly clamoring for their place at the small screen table.

Well, like anything in Hollywood, nobody really knows when to say when. An idea that might have been suicide some years ago, suddenly could have an audience in today's fragmented network, cable, internet, VOD landscape. In fact, shows that ended in the 1980s and 1990s, have been rebooted, oftentimes with the same cast. Even movies aren't immune from the reboot to TV treatment.

Now, lets be honest, it isn't like all of these shows are going to be hits. And no studio executive really thinks that they are going to tag the bullseye every single time. Some shows are going to just flat out not make it. As much as people want choices, there's the reality that there's only so many hours in the day, only so much money for studios to push shows, etc.

So we are left with the sad truth that it is a lot easier to pick the losers rather than the winners. This is why we are bringing you '11 New TV Shows Most Likely to Be Canceled' as we head into the new 2016 Fall TV season, with a little help from TV Guide. Nobody really knows what is going to work, however, what won't work often makes itself known much sooner.

Training Day - CBS

<strong><em>Training Day</em></strong>

Alright, some shows look like they have it. Right off the bat you can tell that this show will have legs. It will have a history. Training Day, based (or inspired by the film of the same name from 2001), sees a new police officer (Justin Cornwell) teaming up with a bad cop (the great Bill Paxton). It seems that the biggest question about this show is why? The movie from 15 years ago answered every question. Because of that, this show looks like little more than a police procedural about good officers, bad officers and the thin blue line in between. Will a 2016 audience tune in when there's a gazillion other things grabbing their attention, the answer seems to be no.

Still Star Crossed - ABC

Still Star Crossed

A period piece on network TV seems a little dicey. Okay, before you throw Game of Thrones in my face, remember that that show is on HBO. It's cable and they can afford to be more risqué. This show begins after Romeo and Juliet have ended things. It delves deep into the interpersonal lives of the Montagues and Capulets. Look, I am all for TV pushing boundaries but this show doesn't seem to be the one to do it. As I've said, there's a lot of content that is gunning for people's attention. It seems that ABC has simply misjudged what people want to see, and how much they will support a show just because it has the name Shonda Rhimes on it. Looks like Shondaland might be getting a bit smaller...

American Housewife - ABC

American Housewife

This sitcom is either going to be one of the biggest things on TV or it is going to fail miserably. Sadly, it seems like American Housewife's fate will be the latter. It all starts with an idea and this one feels like too much of a retread. A domineering mother is raising her imperfect family in a part of town where everything is perfect. Lemme guess, we come to find out that the imperfect family is actually "normal," and the perfect families are not as perfect as they seem. Now, this show's saving grace could be if it allows the comedy to approach an almost Porky's level. Something tells me that being on ABC, the humor is going to be tempered. The rough edges will all be smoothed out and that will ultimately spell this show's doom.

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