TVweb Accuracy and Fact Checking Policy

We work hard to ensure that the stories that we report are accurate. We also try to ensure that our headlines accurately reflect the content of the story. We don't always get it 100% correct. Sometimes there will be inside reports or rumors that are the source/subject of our stories. The entertainment industry is driven on popularity and buzz. It is not uncommon for 'official' sources to traffic in 'rumors' to see how the public responds. It is not uncommon for there to be 'leaks' of information that turn out to be well-planted information. We recognize that both confirmed information and industry buzz are important to our readers and 'newsworthy' in their own right. We strive to comprehensively cover the entertainment industry segments in which we focus and so we will publish stories of both confirmed and rumored genesis. In those cases where rumor or buzz are the substance, we will try to properly identify and notate those stories.

In the editorial process, we urge our writers/contributors to always ensure the accuracy of the information they publish. Stories are also reviewed, including after they are published, but writers, contributors, editors and readers. If, at any time, we discover inaccuracies, we may either update or correct or remove the story. We seek confirmation of information and sources, even if other sites have reported that information. If it is reported by another outlet, our story may publish the information, citing that outlet as the source, unless and until we can confirm or refute that through independent vetting.

Both hard news and industry scuttlebutt have value to our readers. We report on both and strive to provide the background and context to let you know why the stories matter. We work hard to be accurate and comprehensive, but we also try to cover stories quickly – to bring you information as soon as it is available. We won't always get it right, but we will follow-up and we will be as transparent as possible when we uncover more information, corrections, retractions or other changes.

When we do cover leaks, buzz or rumors, we will try to get confirmation from official industry sources. Often, those sources cannot (or will not) answer. We will respectfully provide our readers the most accurate information we can, while also at all times respecting the industry professionals and sources that we work with to uncover and confirm information. We will not quote someone who provided information "off the record" and any quote we publish will be accurate. Sometimes quotes lack context (or can be 'out of context'). It is not our intent to create controversy or buzz by intentionally misquoting or using quotes out of context and we will correct any such quotes as soon as we are notified.

We stress objectivity, accuracy, timeliness, fairness and respect – for the content, the subjects, the sources and the industry we cover. We won't always be perfect, but we will be working hard to meet our own standards and those of our readers.