It's Tuesday. That means its Huboom Night on The Hub. Huboom Night is the Hub's Boys Action Block that includes episodes of Transformers: Prime, Batman Beyond and more of your favorite action-packed series. Starting tonight, The Hub will start airing 'Ask Megatron' promos in support of Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters, which airs all-new episodes every Friday night, with 'Scattered' set to premiere this week. We have an exclusive look at two 'Ask Megatron' spots, which find fans asking the leader of the Decepticons questions like, "Will you go to prom with me?" And, "What do you do for vacation time?" His answer to that last one? He like to paint pictures of Rainbow Dash...Does this mean Megatron is a Brony? Find out in these fun new videos, then tune into Huboom Night tonight on The Hub to see more!