The Decepticons return with a vengeance in Transformers: Prime Season 2 with Episode 2.01: Orion Pax - Part 1, which finds Megatron attempting to manipulate Optimus Prime to his side after the Autobot leader suffers amnesia. We have an exciting exclusive clip for this all-new episode, which debuts this Saturday, February 18 at 11:30 AM, followed by the series premiere of Transformers: Rescue Bots at 12 PM ET. Check out the battle damage below.

The Daytime Emmy Award-winning animated Hasbro Studios series Transformers: Prime features archrivals Optimus Prime and Megatron as they once again face-off in their legendary battle for the very future of Earth. Season 2 takes us even deeper into the mythology of the Transformers as both the Autobots and Decepticons uncover clues relating to secret artifacts of Iacon which could not only change the balance of power in the war, but also potentially revive their dead home planet of Cybertron.