Catch Up with Tom Green! Best known for his brand of smart comedy, Tom Green found mainstream popularity via his MTV series back in the 1990s. Now he's back with his one-of-a-kind wit, spontaneity, and Irreverent attitude with a live, uncensored one-hour talk show series...Tom Green Live! Premiered October 3, on AXS TV, and continues with an all-new show this Thursday, October 24th, with guest Eric André. We caught up with the comedy legend to find out more about the show and what we can expect week to week.

The show features a hilarious guest each week. It will highlight Tom Green's skills as an interviewer, a side of him seldom seen apart from his well-known zany persona. In this series, Tom Green will showcase a more serious side as he sits down to have a meaningful conversation and goes one-on-one with his guest in a live setting every Thursday night.

Tom Green, who has embraced the digital revolution with a successful podcast and a popular blog on The Huffington Post, will again utilize a cutting-edge technology and take live video Internet calls from viewers. Further taking advantage of the live telecast, Tom Green will touch on the events of the day at the top of the show.