Strike Back returns with an all-new Season 2 episode tonight at 10pm, only on Cinemax! In Episode 13, Stonebridge applies for a transfer back to Section 20 after suffering a personal tragedy. While the team remains concerned about his mental state, Scott encourages them to allow Stonebridge back into the unit.

Tracking the missing nuclear triggers to Niger, the team believes that a radical religious leader may have malicious plans to use or sell them. They raid a compound in Niamey and discover another party with interest in the region and ties to Scott's past. Believing that courier Othmani (Saïd Taghmaoui) has the triggers, they track him as he tries to leave Niger through the northern desert, where he is captured by a nomadic group led by Markunda (Laetitia Eido). Stonebridge and Scott are airdropped into the desert to negotiate.


We have an exclusive clip from this exciting episode, directed by Paul Wilmshurst and written by James Dormer. Check it out, and then be sure to tune in tonight for the rest of the episode!