After a successful 10-year run with Smallville, the CW Network is exploring yet another DC Comics character with their new series Arrow. Of course, a series like this has the potential for a number of guest stars from the DC universe popping up throughout its run.

We reported last month that Fringe star Seth Gabel has been cast as the nefarious Vertigo, a comic book villain who has the power to disorient his victims. That report indicated the character will be presented somewhat differently than the comic book, with the name Vertigo actually being given to the name of a new drug that sweeps through Starling City.

Yesterday, I spoke with Seth Gabel over the phone, in support of his new movie Allegiance, and I had to ask about Vertigo. Here's what he had to say, revealing his character is actually a drug dealer whose powers from the comic book are transferred to a new drug that takes hold of Starling City.

"It's very much adapted. They take the superpowers that Count Vertigo had in the comic book and they adapted it to the real world. Instead of having superpowers in this world of Starling City, they take those superpowers and manifest it in a drug called Vertigo, that has a lot of the powers the comic book character had as superpowers. I'm kind of this street thug, drug kingpin. I'm pushing this drug on everyone, acquiring more wealth and power, looking to take over the streets."

When asked if he will appear in more than one episode this season, the actor revealed he has only officially signed on for a single episode, although there may be more down the road.

"I only signed on for one, initially, and now we're having conversations about continuing. It's inconclusive so far, but it's definitely open for me to come back. I'd absolutely love to, because it's the most fun I've ever had playing a part."

Seth Gabel makes his debut as Vertigo on Arrow sometime next year. The series is currently on their holiday break, but the show returns with new episodes starting Wednesday, January 16 at 8 PM ET on the CW Network.