From television to film, Regina King is a versatile actress with an impressive body of work. This week, she is gearing up for an exciting new season of her show Southland. On the critically acclaimed TNT hit, King plays the smart and perceptive homicide detective, Lydia Adams. She may seem cool, calm and by-the-book but when her character is alone, that's when she allows herself to feel the effects of her high-stress job. In Southland Season 5, Lydia meets probably the biggest challenge of her life...Becoming a mother. Southland takes a true to life and often raw look at police work in Los Angeles.

We caught up with Regina King to chat about the all-new episodes that are launching this Wednesday, February 13th, with "Bats and Hats". She lets us in on the challenges of motherhood juggled with the high pressure atmosphere of police work, and gives us an update on all our favorite returning characters. Watch and learn where Lydia is at in Season 5 of this can't miss drama.

Check out clips from the season 5 premiere, "Bats and Hats".