Moon Bloodgood Talks Falling Skies Season 2

Moon Bloodgood Talks Falling Skies Season 2, which returns to TNT this Sunday, June 17th

Falling Skies returns for Season 2 starting this Sunday, June 17th, with Episode 1.02: World's Apart, airing only on TNT.

When last we left the Mason family, Tom (Noah Wyle) was crawling aboard one of the alien spaceships. Now, six months have passed and Tom has returned to fight alongside the 2nd Mass...But is he the same man he used to be?

Wondering this most loudly is Dr. Anne Glass, the 2nd Mass' resident doctor, who has taken up a romantic relationship with Tom. Along with her assistant Lourdes, Anne struggles to keep the 2nd Mass going as the field combat grows ever more tiresome and difficult, all while trying to regain the trust of the only man she loves.

We recently caught up with Moon Bloodgood to talk about her role as Dr. Anne Glass, her character's relationship with Tom Mason, and where she is headed this year in terms of her place on the battlefield.

This is our conversation.

Moon Bloodgood

Right off the bat this season, you get to hold Noah Wyle down and poke at his eyes with a pair of tweezers. How scary was that?

Moon Bloodgood: That was actually fun. What I get stressed out about is not knowing what to do right. I don't want to look incompetent. Playing a doctor, I want to look like I know what I am doing. Getting close to his eye, having him scream? That stuff is all fun. It makes the time fly by. And he is so great. I don't think he was really scared of me doing that. But he gives a good scare, when he is jumping around the room screaming. When another actor goes for it, and fully gets into the character...That makes it easier for you to go there. Because, sometimes, you do feel ridiculous.

I've heard that there has been a bit of back and forth between the actors and the make-up department. You guys are supposed to look like you don't bathe, and that you've been wearing the same clothes for six months. But the producers still feel the need to pretty you up...

Moon Bloodgood: Yes. I have definitely gone back and forth over this. I want more dirt. I want bags under my eyes. I want to make it all feel real. I want to feel more in the character. Sometimes, though...Look, this is acting! And they want to beautify you a just little bit. They want it to be realistic as well. But, sometimes, they want to give you a few more curls, a little more blush. Sometimes, yes, it is a struggle to stay dirty. Do we shower? We must? But they have never shown that. I've always wanted them to show that. They never talk about how we bath, and that has to get disgusting after a while. We're not smelling good. There is one point where we joke with a character, and we tell him, "Dude, you need to go take a bath!" But we never show the hygiene. I want to know more about it. They also never show our sleeping quarters. Where do we go to sleep at night? How do we deal with every day mundane stuff?

You guys get to be a little more grimy than the folks over on the Walking Dead. Since both shows are similar in concept, do you ever watching it to see what they are doing and how they all handle the apocalypse?

Moon Bloodgood: I do watch that show. I think its fantastic. It has stillness to it. It is very cinematic. But we are definitely a little dirtier. For some reason...We're more mobile. The Walking Dead seems like its normal civilians dealing with, and trying to live, a normal live amongst the zombies. Whereas, we are on a mission to fight these aliens. Figure out how to beat them. There is more of a military aspect. Maybe that's why we're dirty.

Do the producers or writers pay attention to The Walking Dead? As to not repeat any particular beats?

Moon Bloodgood: It's never come up on set. I know a lot of people make parallels to our show and that one. That's actually what made me tune into it. I've actually only seen episode. But I thought it was amazing. I don't watch a lot of TV. The writers must be paying attention to it. We are in the same genre. But once again, they're zombies and we're aliens. Also, the look of the show is different. The lighting. We both try for realism, but they have a different coloring scheme than we do on our show.

The wait for Falling Skies' return seemed a lot longer than the wait for your average show. Do you think that's because it's premiering in the summer? And summer is associated with waiting to get out of school, which seems to take forever?

Moon Bloodgood: Look, I wish we didn't have to wait as long for the show to return. I think the reason we had to wait so long was because of all the special effects. Those take a long time. The wait felt longer, too. I think we wanted to stay away from the NBA championships. So there were long breaks in the show. It seems like I have been with this show for a very long time, and we are only now seeing the second season. But it's been at least three years. But I like that. Maybe there aren't as many good movies in the summer anymore. Maybe its better to have a great TV show.

What kind of transformation does Dr. Anne Glass go through this year?

Moon Bloodgood: Not as much of a transformation as some of the other characters. Anne Glass is more of a subtle character with a lot of nuances. She is not as bold as some of the other characters. They definitely go through some changes. She is a lot bolder. She is grounded in who she is. She is a surgeon now. Before, as a former pediatrician, she was not confident in her responsibilities. She needed to keep people alive. She was in charge of life and death. This season she is more confident. She is more seasoned. She is more hardened, though not hopeless. She is accreting her voice. She gets in an argument with Tom. She gets to exercise her own strengths. Seeing her do that? We haven't seen her go at it like she does this year...

When it comes to being on the battlefield, what is Anne's main objective?

Moon Bloodgood: We have one battle called The Battle of Pittsburg, which is in the first episode...I have Lourdes, my medical assistant...I forget what it is we are looking for...Penicillin or something...But I ask them to get that stuff during battle. Anytime we are anywhere near a medical closet, I'm making sure they get what we can use. I am always searching for medical supplies. When you are in a situation like this, medical supplies are the most important thing. Water, food, medical supplies...Shelter...These are the primary things. What I need to talk to the writers about is pet remedies. We need to look for certain pet medicines that work on humans. You have to get creative in a situation like this. You have to use your imagination. In this season, we did not get too cleaver with thinking outside the box. We didn't raid the pet vet. We were busy thinking about too many other things. We never get a list of ALL the cool things a certain character is capable of. There are just bits and pieces. There are too many things going on...

What is happening on the relationship front with Tom and Anne this season?

Moon Bloodgood: The relationships are stressful to watch. This year, when you see what is going on between Tom and Anne, it's a little weird. Especially when he returns...Last year, all you saw was us share a kiss. That is all that's happened between Tom and Anne. This season, I think they are more of a couple. It's accepted amongst the tribe, so to speak. We consummated it. It's not a lot of metal on metal, monkey stuff. That is never the show's direction. But you do see a flirtation between Margaret and Hal Mason. You see my relationship with Tom Mason. Lourdes has a relationship with a new character, Brandon. You get to see some of their romances. There is definitely more romance in the air. I think you need to see that, because they are usually immersed in the fight as much as they can be.

What about new aliens?

Moon Bloodgood: There are other aliens. There are new aliens. There are questions about who is on which side. There are alliances. The science fiction angle has definitely been kicked up a notch. That is much more expanded upon. There are more twists and turns. You get to see more heady choices, which I think, in the first season; we were doing basic science fiction. With moments of interesting stuff, like the harnesses, and how that affects character development. The second season is about expanding on the characters, but it's also about really rocking and rolling with these aliens. Really, just, getting deeper into that psyche, and why they are here. Who is enslaved, and who is doing the enslaving. There are going to be some surprises, for sure.

Your main objective on the battlefield, as you said, is looking for medicine. Do you ever pick up a gun and charge into battle against the Skitters?

Moon Bloodgood: I definitely don't shoot. But there is an episode where I get to be a lot more physical. I get to fight, and claw my way out of a situation. It is more physical. I am not, though, the girl toting the gun. It's more for me to survive. At this one moment, I come up with a weapon. I get to be clever. Its fun and its fast. It's cooler than anything Anne has gotten to do before. And in the end, I do get to go on a mission. But I'm not the fighter. I am not a solider. I am still the doctor.

Do you have one particular Season 2 episode that you are excited for fans to see?

Moon Bloodgood: I'm excited about the first episode this Sunday. That's when I get to be physical. There is an episode, I think it's 2.06, where I get into my first argument with Tom Mason. I think that is a real adult conversation that we have. Its real. And it's revealing. It's true to life. It shows that they are officially a couple. Once you get in your first fight, you have now gone into, "We area a couple now, because we are having real life problems." That is a lot of fun. It's so great.

Tom can be pretty reckless, as far as the situations he throws himself into. Do you keep him from putting himself in danger less than he normally would, did he not have you to come home to?

Moon Bloodgood: Tom is always looking after the whole group first. I think his relationship with Anne...Because he is such an idealistic leader, who is looking out for the well being of the collective...Our relationship is always taking a backseat. But I am that refuge for him, when he feels overwhelmed and his insecurities arise. He has a relationship that he can go to. Which is Anne.

What is Anne's relationship like with Captain Weaver in Season 2

Moon Bloodgood: That relationship is also fleshed out a lot more this season. He is an amazing character. Anne and Weaver don't get to do much together this season, but we do get into a couple of conflicts. There is a moment where I get to help him medically, and he is in a vulnerable state of being. That is interesting. I think we've had a distant relationship, but there has also been a mutual respect between Weaver and Anne Glass. We are both leaders in our own divisions. And we are leaders in our own way. I think Will Patton likes to play to the fact that you never know what he is thinking. He is a mysterious character on our show. You sense that he is good, but you are always weary of him...Because he is so guarded and veiled. In this second season, you will see way more vulnerability. And you will see his spirit.