Longmire, based on the popular novel series from best-selling author Craig Johnson, made its small screen debut this past Sunday, June 3rd, on A&E with the Season 1 premier, and returns with the all-new Episode 1.02: A Dame Shame this Sunday, June 10th.

Robert Taylor stars as Walt Longmire, the charismatic, dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. His best friend is Henry Standing Bear, played by Lou Diamond Phillips. A local bar owner, Henry is a handsome and charming Cheyenne who is fiercely protective of his tribe. He often serves as Walt's go-between with the reservation. Being a business owner, he is comfortable with progress and modernity while maintaining a connection with his past, unlike his dear friend, Longmire.


We caught up with Lou Diamond Phillips this morning to talking about Henry's Cheyenne ancestry, his personal contributions to the series, and his on-screen relationship with Robert Taylor. We also discussed the possibility of his return to Southland next year, and whether or not he's open to Young Guns: The Ghost of Dirty Steve.

Watch as we learn a little more about Henry Standing Bear, then tune in this Sunday to see Lou Diamond Phillips in action!