Paulington James Christensen III's brother David Larry Christensen VI is a huge Larry The Cable Guy fan, so when it came time to interview the comedian about the upcoming Season 3 of his hit History channel travel show Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy, we decided to let Dave handle the interview. Watch the pair crack each other up in anticipation of all-new episodes, airing Wednesday, May 8 at 9pm (ET/PT)

This season, Larry The Cable Guy and his crew hit the road to spotlight the people, places and things that make America unique. His adventures include celebrating the modern-day "black gold rush" in Williston, North Dakota; delving into our country's celebrity obsession by banding up with the paparazzi in "Hollyweird", California; and scouring the Florida wilderness for poisonous snakes to bring to the "Serpentarium" - where he'll help extract their venom for medicinal uses.

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