Kurt Metzger Talks Ugly Americans

Kurt Metzger talks the Return of Ugly Americas Season 2, starting March 14th on Comedy Central

Zombies, demons, monsters, and succubi united across the country today to rally behind Comedy Central's animated series Ugly Americans. The group calling themselves "FUGLY" (Friends of "Ugly Americans") is demanding that their voices be heard by all humans in support of the show. At a FUGLY rally in New York City a demon spokesman said the group is "sick and tired of the anti-monster bias in the media" and that "it's frustrating. It's like we don't count for anything."

The group hopes to raise awareness about the importance of having a show like Ugly Americans on the air to help fight the negative stereotypes in the mainstream media associated with non-humans. "Sure we eat brains, there's no denying that. But we're not just about eating brains" confessed a zombie in attendance.

FUGLY is calling on all humans to get involved and help rectify this injustice by encouraging more humans to tune-in to new episodes of Ugly Americans starting tonight, March 14th at 10:30/9:30c after an all-new South Park.

To help get the word out to America, we recently caught up with resident zombie Randall Skeffington himself, Kurt Metzger, to chat about the return of Ugly Americans Season 2 with Episode 2.11: Journey to the Center of Twayne.

Here is our conversation in support of the FUGLY rally sweeping America.

We always hear how hard it is to break into voice acting. How has the process worked for you?

Kurt Metzger: Look, I have heard this too. I wasn't really a voice work guy. I auditioned through Comedy Central, because I'd done some work with them in the past. I adlibbed all of my lines. I didn't really go from the script. They repositioned the character around me. It was a fluke. I don't think this normally happens. Since I started on this show, I haven't gone out for a lot of voice over stuff.

A lot of the other voice actors I talk with also say they got into it purely by coincidence. That it was also a fluke on their end. Do you ever experience any jealousy from those striving to achieve a place in the voice work genre?

Kurt Metzger: No. There are plenty of voice actors who get all kind of work. It should be me wondering where all the work is. I don't know. I am a comedy man. With stand-up, you do experience some jealousy. But I don't feel like anybody is looking at me. I got a job on a basic cable show. I love doing the job, but I am not making Network type money. I am not in a position that should make anyone jealous. Really, the only thing anyone should be jealous of is the show itself. I actually get to work on something I like. I like this. That part is good. But I can't imagine any other voice actor being upset that I got this. It's not a huge paying gig, or something...

I guess I was pointing that question more at the struggling voice over guy recording internet cartoons in a ditch somewhere. Some guy whose been trying to do it his whole life, and then he looks at you, someone who walked in off the streets and got this great gig never having done this kind of work before...

Kurt Metzger: People do that? Tell them maybe they should take up smoking. (Laughs)

I guess that's one thing. You have to have a catalogue of voices to really break into voice acting...

Kurt Metzger: But that's one thing I don't have. All of the other actors on the show do. But I guess that makes me harder to replace. Because I just do my one voice. Everyone else does a bunch of impressions. Maybe you'll get ten guys that do Morgan Freeman. But no one can do my voice except for me. I think that should work to my advantage.

It certainly does. Now, Randall...He's had a lot of stuff happen in his life just since we've gotten to know him. A lot of bad stuff...

Kurt Metzger: Look, I don't get around sexually like that character, but, even though it does have some horror elements to it, one of the things I like...It does have a lot of real, New Yorky things about it. If you live here, you know. The slob roommate? I have never been the slob roommate brushing my eyeball in the sink, but you know...I have been that guy before. That was pretty easy. With any animated series, it takes a couple of seasons to develop the characters. All of the other cast on here? I knew them for a while. I get to work with a bunch of people that I like, and that I knew from other things. I think, when we all got together for the read, the writers saw what we could do, and that is still developing. I think any animated series, it takes a couple of years to really get to know who these characters are.

How is Randall changing and evolving throughout these next seven episodes? What particularly surprised you when you saw some of these scripts?

Kurt Metzger: Well...I think these newer episodes are funnier. I really do. The show developed pretty quickly for only being on two seasons. This stuff feels a lot funnier to me. My favorite one from before is where Randall gets this giant arm to replace his real arm. There is another one coming up where Randall joins a car service, and he has to drive all of these celebrities around. I think Randall has a lot more stuff going on. It's more than, "He's just a slob and he bangs everything." That's where he evolves. But I have always liked my character. I never felt like I was getting shafted. I always felt like the writers liked the character, and they still want to make him a part of this.

Is the penis going to return?

Kurt Metzger: Well...That kind of changed once the penis ran away. You see in that other episode, I have all of those attachments. As far as I know, there will be no moments where my penis starts talking, and running away again. I don't even know if that's how it was supposed to be. Because with that penis episode, there were all of these things that had to go through Comedy Central, to get approved. We couldn't have the penis saying "Dick" so much. It was a thing. I felt there was too much use of the word "Dick" in that episode. Now, it just seems that all of my parts are detachable. They get replaced when they get damaged in vicarious situations. But there will be no more intelligent penis stuff...As far as I know...Maybe that will happen in the future.

Are you ever surprised by what they can pull off with this show? It seems like, every time I turn on the TV, things are getting wilder and wilder...Lately I've noticed a lot of simulated blow jobs at 8 and 9 o'clock at night...

Kurt Metzger: In terms of what kind of content you can have on the show? I think everyone goes by advertising. If you work in TV, there is no moral component to content other than, "Are advertisers going to pull out because it's too offensive?" I think this is the natural progression. I don't think we have anything too shocking. Its like, when they try to censor it, it becomes grosser than what we intended. The one thing I thought was really funny...We had that robot, the one with all the semen in it. He is trying to repopulate the earth in the face of Armageddon, and Randall is going around squirting people. They made it so you could barely show it. It was a really small amount. So it made it grosser and more real to me. This tiny amounts of sperm as opposed to an over-the-top flood of sperm. Sometimes what they censor becomes more offensive. It is way grosser.

You get away with a lot when you have really smart writers...

Kurt Metzger: Yeah, the writers we have are cool, man. Here is the thing. A lot of my stuff? What makes it into the show is half written, and half of it is made up on the fly. The other guys are really funny, too. So everyone does that. It is very collaborative how we do the show. They usually have me do three on book, and then I can adlib and do whatever I want. I literally hate staying on book. I get tired of the lines. So, it's cool. Like, when I am in the car, and the guy comes into do Christian Bale. We just go back and forth for an hour in the sound booth to find stuff. That makes it funnier to me, when it has that conversational tone to it. We usually record this stuff first, and then they animate around it. That's where you can play around with it. But then they bring you back in to do ADR, where you have to clean up everything. You have to record lines that were missed. I have to watch the track, and see my lips moving. It's like a puppet. Now, if I say something that is way funnier than what they have, they will change it. But once it's animated, that is a huge pain in the ass. Then I have to be on book. I will come up with some adlibs that fit in his mouth. There is that moment where I get the old mattress. I go, "Oh, really! Yeah!" That was just an adlib, but it fit the mouth movement being used.

What is the relationship like with the other voice actors on the show? Are you isolated? Or do you get to go in their together, and mix it up?

Kurt Metzger: Every once in a while, yeah. Its mostly isolated, and then once in a great while they will put us together and let us mix it up, if they think something really funny can come out of it. It makes it easier to act. They are animating your movements anyway, so you're not thinking about that. It helps me act better, you know?

What are some of the on-screen relationships like in these upcoming seven episodes?

Kurt Metzger: Well...Randall is hanging out with Leonard more. I get around a little more. I haven't seen them all yet. There is one where Leonard and Randall get a lottery ticket. That is pretty funny.

Do you think you will take the show live?

Kurt Metzger: We've done that at Comic-Con. We'd like to take it on the road, sure. We just have to make sure the show gets picked up again. We are only on Season 2. A lot more people are asking me about the show, which is good. I would love to do something like that, but I think that idea is a little premature.