Katheryn Winnick may be best known for her juicy recurring role as David Boreanaz's love interest in the FOX series Bones, and the films Love and Other Drugs, Killers, and Cold Souls. She currently appears in Stand Up Guys with Christopher Walken, and as Charlie Sheen 's ex in A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.

Katheryn Winnick is not only a rising star in Hollywood, but an accomplished martial artist as well. She is trained as a licensed bodyguard and holds a third-degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and second-degree Black Belt in Karate.

Her martial arts mastery serves her well as the fierce warrior yet tender mom, Lagertha, in History's ambitious new scripted series, Vikings. The extraordinary untold tales of the lives and epic adventures of these conquering mighty Norsemen come alive in the nine-part series, which also stars Gabriel Byrne. Vikings is created and written by Michael Hirst - one of the premier historical story-tellers in the industry. The series also sheds light on how much power women wielded in the Dark Ages. They were allowed to own land, divorce their husbands as well as fight alongside them in battle, and ultimately, rule. As much as this epic series looks deep into the Vikings society of warfare and bloodshed, it's a family saga at heart. And Lagertha is a fierce character, warrior, shield maiden and mom.

To celebrate the debut of Vikings with Rites of Passage set to premiere on Sunday, March 3rd at 10 pm (ET/PT), we caught up with Katheryn Winnick for a chat.