Jacob Pitts and David Meunier talk Justified Season 5

Jacob Pitts and David Meunier talk Dewey Crowe and Justified Season 5, returning next year on FX

Back in March, we reported that Justified was renewed for Season 5, which officially started the long and torturous wait for the upcoming season. Earlier this week, I ran into Jacob Pitts (Deputy U.S. Marshall Tim Gutterson) and David Meunier (Johnny Crowder} on the red carpet for FX's latest drama series, The Bridge. Naturally, I had to ask if they have heard anything about potential story lines this season, but Jacob Pitts revealed that production will not even start until October.

"It's October. They don't give us scripts until like a week before."

Jacob Pitts' Tim Gutterson and Erica N. Tazel's Rachel, unfortunately, aren't used nearly as much as myself and many other fans would like. When I asked what he'd like to see more of this season, Jacob Pitts had this to say, while dropping an obscure silent film reference.

"Me. I would love to have as close to Keystone Cops as we could get, with me and Nick Searcy (Chief Deputy U.S. Marshall Art Mullen). Everyone wants Dewey Crowe (Damon Herriman) to come back."

I brought up the Dewey Crowe situation to David Meunier when he came walking down the red carpet. While it isn't known if he will be back this season or not, it seems Damon Herriman's busy schedule is standing in the way.

"They would love to bring Dewey back and use him more, but Damon is a busy guy. He works a lot, and he's in Australia. He's Australian! You wouldn't believe it. He plays the best white-trash guy with a mullet, but he is a full-on Australian. You see him at a party, he wears a tie. He cleans up very well, and he's a very sweet guy, but, I think a part of it is scheduling, for him. He's a crowd favorite too. Everybody loves Dewey Crowe."

The actor also confirmed the October start date, and said that the writers are getting back to work in the near future.

"I think the writers actually come back at the end of this month, but we don't go back until October."

When asked if there was something that he has always wanted Johnny Crowder to do on the show, David Meunier hinted that he wants out of that wheelchair.

"At this point, I just want Johnny to be able to jog. That'd be a start. Last season, they left Johnny hanging in the wind, and I think that was the intention. What I'm looking for is some kind of resolution between the cousins. But, and the end of the day, what makes me different than Devil (Kevin Rankin) and everybody, is I'm still family. Hopefully, blood is still thicker than... bullets."

Justified returns sometime in early 2014 on FX.