Daniela Bobadilla talks about playing Charlie Sheen's daughter in Anger ManagementI recently had the chance to speak with up and coming young actress Daniela Bobadilla for her role in the NBC freshman drama series {0}, which airs Thursday nights at 10 PM ET. Daniela Bobadilla also stars in the upcoming FX comedy series {1}, where she plays the daughter of Charlie Sheen's character, Charlie. {2} just started production this week, with the 10-episode first season set to debut Thursday, June 28 at 9 PM ET, and I had to get more information on this highly-anticipated show. Take a look at what she had to say below about her character, Emma.
"She's just a sweet girl. She's really, really close with Charlie's character. Her parents are divorced, Shawnee Smith plays my mom. So far, from what I've read, she spends a lot of time at both houses, but she's really close with Charlie. They can just throw jokes back and forth. She's a really loveable girl. She's really smart, and she knows what to get. She gets really obsessed with one thing at a time, and it's funny to see the dynamic of Charlie trying to calm her down, but her trying to convince Charlie that this is important. It's a lot of fun. It's total chaos, Charlie's life."

Since it seems Emma is an independent teenage girl with an anger management counselor as her father, I asked if there were a lot of rapid-fire dialogue scenes between her and Charlie.

"Yeah, so far, there has been. It's been really fun. The thing is that, throughout the episodes, Charlie is always worried about me, so he talks about me to his therapist, who is Selma Blair, so it's all about how it ties in with his work life."

Daniela Bobadilla also spoke about how Charlie ended up being an anger management therapist, after a career as a professional baseball player.

"Basically, Charlie is an ex-baseball player, who has a little bit of a freak-out in one of his games, so he himself has to go into anger management. Then, after that, he just decides to turn his whole life around and become an anger management therapist. That's how he interacts with his patients. He says, 'I've been there,' and he shows his video of everything."

Anger Management debuts Thursday, June 28 at 9 PM ET on FX. CLICK HERE to read my full interview with Daniela Bobadilla.