Chances are, if you don't know David Cross and you meet him on the street, the first words out of his mouth will be, "What Arrested Development questions can I not answer for you?" For years now, the comedian has been plagued by a barrage of fan inquires and rumors about an Arrested Development movie, a fate that awaits any cult TV show that is quote-unquote "Cancelled too soon."

It's a fate that certainly awaits Community. The cult favorite NBC sitcom returns tonight for the rest of it's Season 3 run. And then its future is unknown. Comedy Central has picked the series up in syndication, with all three seasons airing back-to-back in 2013, and if NBC doesn't grant a forth season, it's quite possible that the show will continue to live on in basic cable. That, though, is an uncertainty.

What is certain is that fans want a movie. The running joke with Community is that there will be 'Six Seasons and a Movie.' That will happen if creator Dan Harmon has his way. And he even has plans for this so-called Community movie, which ties directly into the first episode of Season 4, if there is a season 4.

When the Greendale 7 return to campus next year, they will briefly mention their summer in passing during the first moments of their first episode back. It will be 'The Summer we shall never speak of!' A flashback to that summer will be the movie.

While we chatted with some of the cast earlier this week, Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays Shirley Bennett, offered this insight into what a big screen outing will entail.

"Dan Harmon said that if we do get a fourth season, he will have us come in on the first episode saying that we would never speak about that summer. That would be the summer that we never spoke about. So the movie would be this flashback to the horrible summer we never spoke about in the fourth season. That is what he is thinking about. The movie would be more expansive. We'd see everyone's home. We'd get to see who these people really are outside the campus.

I'd really like to get these guys on location, and see how wacky they are out in the world. I think a movie would be great. I think it would give the writers a long time to think about what they would do. And it would free us up. We are kind of chained to our sets at Paramount. I think there is a lot more to the Greendale campus that we are going to see."

Gillian Jacobs, who stars as Britta on the series, continued by sharing her thoughts on the movie.

"(At this stage), it is pure conjecture. Theoretical. (But in the movie) we will probably see a lot of really bad things. Right? Unspeakably horrible things will happen. Jeff and Britta like to drink, and then things happen. So there will probably be a lot of alcohol involved. Maybe some fire. We have already had fire on the show. Maybe the evil Norwegian Troll doll will wreck the entire group. Maybe he will put a curse on us, and we will have to trek through a magical forest to undo the curse. We will have to find the wizard. We will have to restore harmony to the kingdom."

Will there be any sci-fi elements to the movie?

"That would be fun. I feel with Inspector Space Time and some of the things we have created in the world of the show...That stuff borders on the sci-fi sometimes. We have multiple timelines right now. We might fully embrace some sci-fi elements in the making of a movie."

One person Dan Harmon has not discussed the Community movie with is Joel McHale, who seemed oblivious to the notion of this horrible summer, guessing that maybe Jeff will not be involved.

"What? Was this Dan's idea? Oh...I don't know anything about it. Maybe Jeff is doing something else that summer. No, I haven't heard about the movie. I have no idea. I can't wait to hear more about it. This sounds great. You've got the scoop!"

Community returns to NBC tonight, March 15th, at 8/7 central.