Blake Anderson Talks Workaholics Season 3

Blake Anderson Talks Workaholics Season 3 Premiere and Blu-ray Doggy Combo, both hitting May 29th

It's about to get WEIRD! Workaholics returns for all-new episodes this Tuesday, May 29th, when the TeleAmeriCorp guys go on The Business Trip, which finds Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Adam DeVine acid tripping through a mandatory work function. Also arriving this Tuesday is the Workaholics: Seasons 1 & 2 Combo Doggy Blu-ray, which offers the past twenty episodes uncut and ready to party.

To celebrate the return of Blake, Adam, and The Ders, we caught up with Mr. Blake Anderson himself to discuss partying on the roof, Ninja Turtles, E-40, and Hedonism.

Here's our conversation.

I'm going to hit you with the tough questions first. Corey Feldman. Should he or should he not return as the voice of Donatello in Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles?

Blake Anderson: Oh, yes, of course he should. He nailed that voice. I was disappointed to see that he was a real human. I just imagined him as Donatello. I heard Donatello's voice before I ever heard Corey's, so when I heard him as a human for the first time, I was like..."Why is he stealing Donatello's voice?" If anything, Donatello should return to do Corey's voice.

We ran a piece a few months back about a petition to get you, Ders, and Adam in to voice the other three turtles. What is your opinion on that?

Blake Anderson: Holy gosh! You said that...To be honest, my heart just skipped a beat! That is a huge honor. I would definitely do it if people wanted it...I don't know...I am at a loss for words...

I know Anders might be a little bit bigger of a fan. But what are the thoughts at Camp Workaholics about the controversy surrounding Michael Bay's take on the franchise? Especially the name change?

Blake Anderson: The turtles being aliens and stuff...Wait, what did they change the name too?

It's just called Ninja Turtles now.

Blake Anderson: Yeah, I think they are really blowing it with that. The freaking awesome thing about that was, they were in tune. If you take the "Teenage" away from them, what do you have? Come on! That is what we loved about them! They care about nothing but pizza! That's the teenage lifestyle. That's what we're all trying to live! Nothing is cooler than that. This is like taking the Slime out of Nickelodeon. What are you thinking? You have to realize that movies like to screw shit up. Like the X-Men. They gave them those black leather costumes. I was like, "What happened to all the colorful stuff?"

They brought the yellow back in the newest one.

Blake Anderson: Yeah, they brought it back a little, right?

I thought the new class looked pretty cool. Now, I, myself, am about ten years removed from the antics we often see in Workaholics. Mantooth was the Ders of our group, and he hated us getting on the roof back in the day. Until he learned to love it through a big bottle of Rum, a hammer, and a bag of coconuts. I have to wonder, was there ever any apprehension about getting on the roof that first time from any of your crew?

Blake Anderson: Absolutely none. I think it's the most natural thing we've all ever done. I'm pretty convinced, the crew that we roll with...We are just down for whatever. There's not much complaining from us. It's not like some big Hollywood set where we're like, "We need safety!" Or, whatever. We were drinking on that roof before we had this show. It was such a natural thing. Maybe when we had guest directors. Or we had people from Comedy Central who are in advertising...I have seen some girls get...It's almost weird, but they start to freak out! I'm like, "What are you doing? It's just a roof! It's just where we kick it."

We saw the new promo pics released this last weekend, and once again, you are wearing this same brown tie, which is becoming quite the iconic piece of television folklore. What is the story behind the tie, and why doesn't TV world Blake have a new one yet?

Blake Anderson: When we first made the web series...I have never owned a tie in my life. They said, "You have to pick out a tie!" And I didn't know what a cool tie was. I liked the color brown, so we found this weird, nasty looking old school brown tie, and I was like, "Yeah, that's it. That's the one." I have never been tie shopping, so I couldn't see why my character would go tie shopping for some job he doesn't really care about that much. It has been my thing. The tie got so thrashed, the costume department made a couple of doubles. Who knows, maybe we could have a wide release. That would be awesome. That tie is retro. Its vintage. Which is pretty cool.

Really? I swear I saw that same tie in the 99-cent store a few years back. It's a dollar store exclusive...

Blake Anderson: I think it did come from the 99-cent store. But we traced its lineage. It's from the 50s. I'm kind of pumped on that! It's a pretty cool tie. I think it looks like a neat little African market where everyone is dancing.

At Halloween time, I remember people saying, "Where the heck can I get this same tie!" It's like the bear coat. I know you had that made for the show, but all these people want one. You guys have some cool merch if you ever get around to it.

Blake Anderson: I know! We're always talking about that. They should put out the Top Gun hat that Adam wears. That would be awesome!

Was that something you found at 7-Eleven, or is that something they made specifically for the show?

Blake Anderson: What it was...Adam and Anders actually did Telemarketing for a while. That was one of their real jobs. Adam was pretty good at it, because he's such a good liar. He is a fucking liar! But he was pretty good. At his telemarketing place, if you had the most sales for the day, they would give you this lame little cap that said Top Gun on it. I don't know if it said it so prominently like that...But we tried to recreate it. It just turned out to be kind of a dope snap back. I don't know...

The fact that is a real story makes it even funnier to me now. Now, in getting into these Season 3 episodes, the second episode out of this new run is about Adam's Fat Cousin trying to get you guys a Handicap parking pass. Please tell me that Fat Cuz is played by E-40...

Blake Anderson: Oh, man! I could only wish. Once again, you are speaking to my dreams. E-40 has yet to cameo on Workaholics. But I push. I push everyday. I just want to make sure we have the perfect story for him.

How are you guys dispersing the episodes this season? I heard you are doing twenty. Is this going to be like South Park, where you give us ten, then take a break for a couple of months, and then come back with the rest? Or do I get Workaholics all summer long?

Blake Anderson: We're definitely approaching it as two seasons. We're going to do these first ten, and then we are taking a couple of months off to write the second half. If I were taking it as a chunk of twenty, it would affect the show. That is a lot to do. We are really involved with the show, from writing, and editing, and shooting it...We are basically taking it as Seasons 3 and 4. Comedy Central is getting a better deal out of it, because they are just calling it one season.

I heard "twenty episodes", and I thought that was crazy for one go. That's almost unheard of in cable TV.

Blake Anderson: Yeah. On actual real network networks, twenty is nothing. But we make a pretty demanding show. We try to pull off some shit on a fairly medium sized budget. We're not working with Fox or NBC money. When you try to pull shit off, you have to space it out.

You guys are also writing your shows in such a detailed manner. I've heard this called a "stoner" show, but I don't see it that way. There are so many layers going on here. There is so much attention to detail in each episode, I'm catching things on a third and even fourth viewing that I didn't see before.

Blake Anderson: Yeah, you know, I don't know if its bragging or what...But I was talking to the guys the other days, and I said, "Some of our episodes...They are like germs for a movie idea. Some of them, I feel I could watch for an hour and a half. We could expand on them." I think its because we sit in that room and think about our stories pretty hard. When you add improv into it...There is stuff I don't even realize is in there until it airs on Comedy Central. That's why I'm pumped to see these new episodes again. You forget things. If you watch them three times, you think, "Just the way Ders is saying that...That happens to be my favorite line in the entire episode." Its like, it may not have even been a joke. It's just the way he inflected his voice. The show is kind of cool like that.

I love watching certain episodes over again. If you take one of those Network shows, I don't ever go back and watch an episode a second or third time. I love Parks and Rec, but I don't feel like I missed anything. That I have to go back and watch it again. On the other hand, there is so much going on in Old Man Ders, I can sit and watch that over and over again, like it was a movie...

Blake Anderson: Well, thank you!

I love that you guys went to Hedonism. I remember seeing this place on E!'s Wild On. I never thought I would see it become the subject of a TV episode. But you guys go there. How do you work through the process of finding these ideas that haven't been done before? Especially when there are so many shows out there right now, trying to push that envelope in giving the audience something they haven't seen...

Blake Anderson: I don't know. All of us dudes are pretty open-minded. It's weird when someone will pull up an idea like Hedonism, and then we all gel about that. There is this moment where we're all like, "You know about Hedonism, too? That shit is crazy!" Then we pull it up on the internet, and we find that there is this whole weird world of people who go out to this place. They are usually old creeps who hump each other all day. We're like, "We have to put this on blast. Its cool enough, everyone should know about it!" I don't know. It happens organically, I guess. We don't go searching for stuff too much. Its one of those moments where we all go, "I've heard of that too! Let's pull it up and explore it even deeper."

Have any of you guys ever been there?

Blake Anderson: I have not. I think we are all going to try to plan on going None of us are against it. There were definitely a few people on our crew, and a few aunts and uncles of ours, that have been there. That kind of got a little creepy.

I guess that would be creepy to find out that one of your family members had been trolling around at Hedonism, hanging out in that gross hot tub full of juice...

Blake Anderson: Yeah, that one uncle whom you assume would have gone, and he comes up, "Oh, yeah! I've been there!" That's all he says, and he smiles. You're like, "I don't know if I want to hear all of these stories."

Talking about relatives, I know you guys have said that we're going to see your parents this season. Have they cast Blake's father yet?

Blake Anderson: (Laughs) They have not. But maybe that's what E-40 can do!

I really hope that is the case! That would be the best thing in the world...

Blake Anderson: That would be amazing!

Last question...We've been watching the Loiter Squad these past two months. I know you guys are all friends. Are we going to see a mash-up of the two shows. Is there going to be some kind of Workaholics Loiter Squad super show at some point in the future?

Blake Anderson: We had Taco in Workaholics Season 2, but I was drunk wandering around Coachella with the Odd Future dudes, and I mentioned to Jasper that I would really like to do some Loiter Squad if they let me. Like I said to them, I don't mind getting hit with shit...So, I'd be down!