Animal activist and actress Alison Eastwood's biggest passion is helping animals and finding them loving homes. Nat Geo WILD is chronicling her work and bringing awareness to the plight of exotics in captivity in Animal Intervention, which debuts tonight, October 2nd, at 9pm ET/PST. We caught up with Alison to find out more about the series and her involvement in it. Watch our exclusive interview, which provides an in-depth look at this fascinating and heartbreaking new show.

Owning a wild animal can come with a host of perils to both the animal and human custodian. Alison works with animal expert Donald Schultz to ensure exotic animals in captivity are living safely and comfortably. Nat Geo WILD's new series, "Animal Intervention," follows the team as they investigate tips from concerned organizations and individuals about potentially problematic housing of animals. From monkeys living with a couple in a cramped RV, to makeshift zoos and animal lovers with good intentions struggling to care for large wild animals in their homes, the series brings to light the plight of wild animals in captivity.