TVweb Ethics Policy

Our websites do not engage in defamation, hate speech, plagiarism or other forms of infringement and, as a general rule also do not traffic in gossip. We respectfully cover the our industries and the professionals and companies engaged in our industries. Our respect for our colleagues and our audiences dictate that exercise discretion and good judgement for the content we post and the subjects of our coverage. While we may cover sensitive topics or controversial issues, we strive for respectful coverage and objectivity in all posted content, especially when reporting on or otherwise covering such issues.

Many of the topics we cover come from official studios, networks, or their affiliated publicity entities/agencies. When we receive media assets and information from those, or other, sources, we strive to provide links to such original sources. Other times, we may cover stories or topics that have been covered by other publishers or outlets. When we do, we also strive to link to the original story that gave rise to the reporting we posted. We believe that a healthy and fair marketplace of publishers and the contributors/journalists that provide the content is the best environment, and we seek to ensure that we follow best commercial practices and fair standards. We also appreciate other publishers that similarly follow these practices and standards and link to our reporting when they use it as the source of their own work.

We do our best to ensure that the work posted on our sites does not infringe the rights of others (images, written work, etc.). In any case that we are notified that there is content that may infringe the rights of others, we act to take down the content or take other steps as can be more fully seen on our Copyright policy.

When we post previews, reviews or other information that may tip our users to the outcome of a storyline (as in a movie or tv show), we clearly mark the story in advance of providing that information (eg: "spoilers follow..."). We try to be sensitive to the images, headlines and quotes used for stories so that they do not 'spoil' things for our readers. We also honor embargoes on content, so may not release stories (or some parts of stories), based on the specific embargo requirements. We don't want to spoil the story for our audiences, but we also recognize that many who have just seen or experienced a new movie or show may be looking for discussion and coverage about the stories. We strive to serve those readers without ruining the experience for others. We do not, however, moderate all of the discussions taking place on the comments areas of our stories. So some readers may engage in discussions which may include sensitive information. It is not our intent, nor the intent of writers, contributors or editors to disrespect or quell the conversation of speech of our users (as long as it is respectful and not hateful or harmful) and we do not remove potential spoiler content from these areas.