When American Horror Story: Asylum returns to FX next month, the new season will feature cast members from Season 1 such as Jessica Lange and Evan Peters portraying completely different characters.

Series creator Ryan Murphy was recently on the red carpet of The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards and whispered that he had a new casting scoop. When he was asked what the spoiler was about, this was his response.

"It's about Eric Stonestreet coming back to Horror Story. He's coming as a killer. [He has] a really good scene with him and Sarah Paulson."

It isn't known which episode recent Emmy-winner Eric Stonestreet will appear in this season. He previously portrayed Derek, a patient of Dylan McDermott's Ben Harmon in the Season 1 episode "Piggy, Piggy".

American Horror Story: Asylum debuts with "Welcome to Briarcliff" Wednesday, October 17 at 10 PM ET on FX.