The 2019 Primetime Emmys hosted by ABC tried to do away with the slew of controversies surrounding the character and comedy stylings of their Master of Ceremonies by simply not having a host at all. The experiment was not a success, and this year, the Emmys will be calling once again on Jimmy Kimmel to host the 2020 Emmys, after already having done so twice in the past. Kimmel, who will also act as producer for the show, had this to say about his participation.

"I don't know where we will do this or how we will do this or even why we are doing this, but we are doing it and I am hosting it."

The ceremony is expected to air on the 20th of September. Of course, with the lockdown loosely in place, it is very likely to be a virtual event, and ABC is still considering what the exact format and nature of the production can be that ensures the most safety for its participants. ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke confirmed their support for Kimmel as host of the ceremony.

"We know Jimmy Kimmel will deliver a uniquely entertaining, funny, and moving Primetime Emmys show. He's a true master of ceremonies who reveres this industry and its people; and just as Jimmy has done with his own show over the past few months, he will tackle this momentous event with heart and humor, and bring some much-needed joy and optimism to our television colleagues and viewers at home."

Kimmel has been on a bit of a hot streak when it comes to hosting duties recently. He will headline a revamp of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and a series of live specials called Live in Front of a Studio Audience. This is in addition to his regular duties as host of his own talk show.


A large part of Kimmel's appeal as a host is seen as the non-offensive nature of his comedy, and everyman demeanor that has allowed him to distinguish himself from the competition on the late-night talk show circuit. Using this sort of a non-threatening and amicable face to frontline the Emmys has become a vital strategy this year, as the country continues to grapple with widespread protests against racial injustice and police brutality, and the TV show industry has come under fire for double the accusations ranging from glorifying cops through their shows to denying black artists the same opportunities as their white counterparts.


Kimmel will be wading into this politically charged atmosphere as the host of the 2020 Emmys and will have to perform a delicate balancing act where he addresses the current socio-political climate in a joking but inoffensive manner, and also injects enough humor into the proceedings to have audiences tune in for the show. It will be interesting to see how the comedian chooses to rise to the challenge on the day of the ceremony. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to bring us this news.