Haven continues its Season 4 run with "Bad Blood", airing tonight at 10 PM ET on Syfy. The series is loosely inspired by executive producer Stephen King's novel The Colorado Kid, following an FBI agent named Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) with a mysterious past, who comes to the sleepy town of Haven, Maine to solve a murder. Emily Rose and Colin Ferguson, who joins the cast this season as William, recently held a conference call to discuss what's in store for Haven fans this season.

When asked whether or not Stephen King has been approached to write an episode of the series, Emily Rose revealed they hope he comes on board at some point.

"We've always been really excited to have kind of what we call the Stephen King blessing. He's like very aware of what we're doing and, you know, signed off on us at the beginning. We've always absolutely wanted to have him come do a cameo or write an episode or something like that. We haven't had that opportunity. But the production company that we work with are Piller/Segan/Shepherd which is our parent company, they very much have that sort of connection with Mr. King, constantly filling him in on what's going on and giving options for other Stephen King stuff. So I hope it happens in our future."

Colin Ferguson also spoke about William's back story, and how that ties into Audrey's past.

"We are going to find that history about who William is and what their relationship was. How much history we can't really say, although I think I can't say that it's not going to be left completely up in the air. As the season wears on -- that's not complimentary -- as the season progresses, that's the right word, you find out sort of the problems and strengths of their relationship and you find out if it's going to be an addition or subtraction to the town. So that stuff definitely plays out. But I mean there are bigger questions, you know, up in the air right now with, you know, is it Lexie or Audrey, and then what will happen with all that. So my part plays out for sure, but I guess that's about all I can say."

Emily Rose adds that William's character adds a new level of mystery and intrigue to the show.

"Yes, I think that's really good. I think that, you know, when you watch Haven, you're not necessarily completely in the point of view of Audrey, but that is a large part of the point of view I think, in my opinion, and obviously because I'm playing Audrey. But I feel like, you know, for the first bit of it, there is a bit of a fog surrounding William. Who is he? What is their connection? Why is he so familiar with her? All these things. And, you know, leaving the audience wondering in that way, it really puts them in on Audrey's or Lexie's, you know, mindset about who is this person just walking into my life and shouting off all this stuff about me. And yes, I mean what their history is, that is the cool part, if there is any. And Colin does such a great job of keeping that veiled for a time and then given at the end there. So I think that's all I can say."

Colin Ferguson also spoke about how nerve-wracking his first day on the set was.

"And I would say the first day is always the worst. I mean, prior to coming in, you have all these ideas about what the character is and how you're going to play it and all that stuff, but you don't know if anyone else is going to approve or if it's going to work. And you don't really know until you start bouncing off the other person and seeing if any of it lands or if, you know, the writers and the execs and the other actors had a completely different take on the scene. So prior to that first day, you're pretty nervous playing someone new, you know, because there's all this concept discussion. The concept doesn't really mean anything at the end of the day, it comes down to execution and what that means to everybody involved. So yes, that first day is always nerve-wracking. But after that, I mean it's a breath of fresh air because you get to, you know, the good news about playing someone for a bunch of different years is that you learn them so well and it's such familiar clothing to step into. The downside is that it's hard to make it fresh. The good side about getting someone new is that it's completely fresh, so you're energized right out of the gate. The scary bit is your bag of tricks is way smaller, so you're just slowly growing it as the character grows, and that's a fun, fun exploration. So in a sense Emily and I were doing it together, you know, in the first couple of scenes."

Season 4 of Haven continues tonight with "Bad Blood", airing at 10 PM ET on Syfy.