A new full-length trailer for the Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds is here. The CW has been hyping the event up quite a bit recently and, since it's just around the corner, they've finally unveiled a full trailer that gives us a bit more context and footage. But that doesn't mean it makes what's coming our way seem any less insane. Quite the opposite actually, as the heroes of the Arrowverse are in for the fight of their lives in a world they don't recognize.

The trailer starts off by showing us that the men formerly known as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) have literally switched lives, which is just part of what's been upended in this crazy world. We see The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) gifting a powerful book to John Deegan (Jeremy Davies), who is responsible for this madness. We get lots of action-packed footage from there, including John Wesley Shipp as The Flash, some Gotham City action, which includes some great shots of Batwoman/Kate Kane (Ruby Rose). The whole thing is punctuated with a previously revealed shot of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) in his iconic black suit and it's heavily implied that he's going to be a nemesis for Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) to contend with.

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On the surface, this year's crossover event is going to be a lot of fun for hardcore DC fans, as it's going to bring a lot to the table. We're also finally getting a Lois Lane in the Arrowverse, as portrayed by Elizabeth Tulloch. But there are going to be more long-term implications coming from what we're going to see during the course of these three episodes. For one, Gotham City is finally going to be introduced and Batman will be mentioned by name. That is significant since the Caped Crusader has been danced around to a frustrating degree up to this point. And, since it looks like a Batwoman TV series is going to be coming next year following the event, it's an even bigger deal.

It's also worth looking at what The CW is willing to show us in these trailers. They are already loaded with big reveals. Just imagine what they're not showing us yet. Elseworlds is going to come jam-packed with surprises and, while some of them may just be for fun, it's likely that others will have an impact on this universe in the future as well. In short, this has become must-watch TV for DC fans. Also, not to get anyone's hopes up, but there is some reason to believe a Smallville crossover may be worked into the event as well.

Unfortunately, the Legends of Tomorrow are sitting this year's crossover out. No disrespect, but they would maybe just get in the way, given how much is already going on. Elseworlds begins this Sunday, December 9 with The Flash, then continues on Monday, December 10, with Arrow before we get to the epic conclusion on Tuesday, December 11, on Supergirl. Be sure to check out the new full-length trailer from The CW Television Network YouTube channel below.

Elseworlds Arrowverse Poster