A new Elseworlds trailer is here and it shows us that something is very wrong with reality. The upcoming Arrowverse crossover event is set to shake up The CW's little corner of the DC universe in a major way. That became evident early on before we even knew the title of this year's event. But if for some reason it wasn't clear before, this latest trailer makes it inescapably clear that this is going to be unlike anything the Arrowverse has ever seen.

The network has released several brief teasers previously, but this gives us our most comprehensive look at Elseworlds yet. Even though it clocks in at just 40 seconds, there is a lot packed into the footage. What this trailer does best is help set up the conflict at hand. We see Arkham Asylum doctor John Deegan (Jeremy Davies) who is the one responsible for all of this madness. It appears as though Deegan was given this power from The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) who says, "I offered you godhood, now show them what a real god can do." That godhood comes from a mysterious book that we, unfortunately, don't learn much about.


Additionally, we get to see a little bit more of Ruby Rose as Batwoman, as well as John Wesley Shipp suited up as the 90s version of The Flash. We're also reminded that Oliver Queen and Barry Allen will be switching lives. Perhaps most importantly for hardcore DC fans, we get our first look at Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) in his iconic black suit. It appears as though he's going to be fighting against the other heroes at the behest of The Monitor. The suit was originally supposed to appear in Justice League. In the world of DC Comics, it appears after the Man of Steel is resurrected following his death at the hands of Doomsday. This is the first time it's ever going to officially appear in live-action, making it a pretty big deal.


Needless to say, a lot is going to happen over the course of this three-night event. In addition to everything revealed in this new trailer, Elizabeth Tulloch will make her debut as Lois Lane. Elseworlds will also serve as the official debut of Gotham City in the Arrowverse which, up to this point, has remained elusive. As seen previously, we're also finally going to get an actual mention of Batman, which is key. The hope is that the crossover will be used as a launching pad for a Batwoman series, which would possibly debut next fall, if all goes well.

The Legends of Tomorrow won't be participating in this year's crossover event. While that may be disappointing for some, adding them into the mix would surely overcomplicate things. Elseworlds kicks off on Sunday, December 9 on The Flash, with part two set for Monday, December 10, on Arrow before reaching its conclusion on Tuesday, December 11, on Supergirl. Be sure to check out the brand new trailer from The CW Television Network YouTube channel below.