Batwoman invades the Arrowverse in a brand new clip and trailer for Elseworlds Part 2. The annual Arrowverse crossover event kicked off recently on a new episode of The Flash. The three-part event continues tonight on the latest episode of Arrow, which sees our heroes, in their newly swapped identities, heading to Gotham City for the first time in the history of the Arrowverse. There, they're set to meet Ruby Rose's Batwoman, who is on full display in these new promos.

Starting with the clip, Grant Gustin, who is now taking up the mantle of the Green Arrow, is watching as several bad guys are getting owned by a mysterious figure in the darkness. The man formerly known as Barry Allen gets knocked out by one of these figures before Batwoman heroically lands on a van, recalling the scene early on in The Dark Knight where Christian Bale stops some bad guys by also jumping on their van. Ruby Rose looks incredibly effective as the Gotham City hero, looking very much like her more famous counterpart, gadgets and all.

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As for the trailer, it's brief, but it focuses on the more broad implications that Elseworlds Part 2 will have on the Arrowverse. Up to this point, Batman has been danced around quite a bit and, though he won't actually be appearing on screen, this is clearly going to nod to his existence in the universe. Not only that, but Gotham City has never appeared in the Arrowverse previously and it's bringing with it Arkham Asylum, the Bat Signal and many of the other elements DC fans are accustomed to. Plus, this is the first time ever that Batwoman has been used in a live-action project, which is significant.

The CW already has a massive lineup of DC shows, with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow in the Arrowverse, as well as Black Lightning, which has yet to crossover with those shows. But the plan is to have Ruby Rose star in a Batwoman series, using this crossover event as a launching pad for the show, which would likely debut sometime in 2019. Greg Berlanti, the architect of the Arrowverse, is producing the series, with Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) also on board. Assuming the character is received well in the crossover, expect to hear more about the series soon.

With Gotham ending over on Fox, this will give Gotham City a home on the small screen for the foreseeable future, with potential for more crossover with other DC heroes. Though, for the time being, don't expect to see the Caped Crusader himself show up, as Warner Bros. intends to reserve him for the big screen, at least for now. Elseworlds Part 2 is set to air tonight on The CW and will also be available on the network's app tomorrow, for those who may need to catch up. Be sure to check out the new Batwoman clip and trailer from The CW Television Network YouTube channel below.